Astronomy Festival

(3-Adult) Enjoy activities including guided star gazing, looking through the telescope, and listening to ancient stories about the constellations round the campfire. Participate in other activities and games throughout the evening. Hot chocolate and snacks available for purchase. Canceled if raining or snowing.

Geminid Meteor Shower & Cocoa

(5-Adult) Have you ever seen a shooting star? Join park naturalists for a special opportunity to be in the park after dark and delight in the magic of the geminid meteor shower. Peer through the telescope and enjoy an astronomy talk with a park naturalist. Bring a yoga mat or blanket and find a comfortable spot on the boardwalk to gaze at the night sky while you sip hot cocoa. Bundle up and space out with us on this crisp winter evening.

Intro to Telescopes

(8-Adult) Now that you have received a new telescope, how do you set it up and use it? Or are you considering buying a telescope? This course goes into introductory basics of astronomy, observing the sky, and what you need to know to setup and use your telescope. Will provide hands-on use of telescopes and observing objects in the sky in the Roll-Top Observatory if the weather allows. Attendees can bring their own telescope for assistance and advice. Advance registration required, no walk-in registration available.

Introduction to Astronomy

(8-Adult) This course provides a general introduction to some fundamentals of astronomy and the universe we see in the sky around us. We will discuss the basic types of astronomical objects from the small to the large, the motions of the planets and stars, and interesting phenomena in the night sky. The classroom discussion is followed by an observatory session with telescopes, weather permitting. The course is held rain or clear skies in the Roll-Top Observatory at Turner.

Night Sky Tour at the Roll-Top Observatory

(8-Adult) This program is a fun tour of planets, constellations, stars, nebulas, and galaxies in the night sky that can be seen with the eye and in telescopes at the Roll-Top observatory at Turner Farm Park. If inclement weather, then we will discuss and show images of objects that could be observed in clear skies. No knowledge of astronomy is needed, just an interest in learning about the universe around our planet. The course is held rain or clear skies in the Roll-Top Observatory at Turner Farm Park.

Topics in Astronomy at the Roll-Top Observatory

(8-Adult) Explore everything from space missions to planets, stars, and galaxies with a different monthly topic at The Roll-Top observatory at Turner Farm Park. The topic presentations are for the general public and do not require any specific knowledge of astronomy. Classroom discussion is followed by an observing session with telescopes, weather permitting. Check the Analemma Society website for the monthly topics (

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