Adapted Deep Water Aqua Fitness 13+

This class is designed for individuals with intellectual disabilities who are comfortable in water depths over six feet. Classes provide personalized instruction focusing on water exercise and stroke development.

Adapted Intro to Basic Strokes (8-Adult)

Prerequisite: Students must be able to swim 15 yards independently. This class is designed to prepare students with disabilities for more advanced competitive swimming and focuses on the basic steps and progressions of the four competitive strokes.

Adapted Nature Walk (6-Adult)

(6-Adult) Join us for a walk through the park to relax, take your time, and enjoy the environment. This accessible walk is designed for individuals with disabilities.

Adapted One on One Swim Lessons (3-18 yrs.)

(3-18 yrs.) These swim lessons for children ages 3-18 with intellectual and developmental disabilities target individual skill levels. Children must leave parent willingly, be comfortable in the water, and be able to follow simple directions. With one-on-one swim lessons, an instructor can spend more time helping overcome obstacles which may require more time or dedication than a standard swim lesson.

Adapted Park Explorers (6-11 yrs)

(6-11 yrs.) See the best that our park has to offer with topics that fit your interests. Explore different features of the park with hands-on science and nature activities tailored to young people with disabilities. A different topic each month. Parents must be accessible during the program but are not required to register.

Adapted Swimming 1 (6-12 yrs)

Students engage in activities to overcome fear of water and gain basic swimming and water safety skills in a group setting. Skills include entering and exiting water safely, blowing bubbles, floating, gliding and using arms and legs to swim with flotation assistance. Parent participation may be required.

Adapted Swimming 2 (6-12 yrs)

Prerequisite: Swimming 1 or equivalent skill proficiency. Students increase confidence and ability to perform swimming skills with and without assistance or flotation devices. Skills include blowing bubbles with face submerged under water, floating on front and back and gliding or swimming at least two body lengths using arms and legs. Parent participation may be required.

Adapted Swimming 3 (6-12 yrs)

Prerequisite: Swimming Level 2 or equivalent skill proficiency. This class is designed to increase endurance and independent swimming skills. Skills include treading water, retrieving objects, and swimming front crawl and back crawl without flotation devices. Parent participation may be required.

Adapted Swimming-Preschoolers (3-5 yrs)

Through play and individual attention, preschoolers and their parents work on adjusting to a new environment. Focus is on entry and exit skills, water safety, blowing bubbles and arm and leg propulsion on the front and back. Parent participation is required.

Learn to Swim Teens/Adults w/Disabilitie 13+

Classes take place in depths of less than five feet. Skills include entering and exiting water, floating, gliding on front and back, breathing techniques, and using arms and legs to perform front crawl and elementary backstroke. Parent/caregiver participation may be required.

SPIRIT Club Adapted Fitness (Adults) by Vendor

(Adults) This SPIRIT Club Fitness class focuses on building functional skills aimed to improve your capabilities throughout your day-to-day life. Expected outcomes of participation in SPIRIT Fitness include improved balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, speed, agility, and more. Exercises are taught with visual demonstrations and verbal cues to make sure instructions are clear and easy to follow, while also using a consistent class structure.

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