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Horseback Riding Advanced Beginner (8-14 yrs)

(8-14 yrs.) Prerequisite: Students must have taken Horseback Riding Beginning for three consecutive sessions. Riders will build on skills learned in level I.

Horseback Riding-Beginner (8-14 yrs)

(8-14 yrs) For the student who has never taken lessons and wants to learn the basics.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding (4-Adult)

(4-Adult) Class is open to new and returning students and is for riders with developmental, emotional, neurological and physical disabilities. Therapeutic riding contributes positively each rider's well-being, teaching safe and effective horsemanship in a group setting. Each lesson is tailored to the rider’s abilities and focuses on development of balance, gross and fine motor skills, confidence and communication. A medical form is required by SPIRIT for participation.

Therapeutic Horseback Riding II (4-Adult)

(4-Adult) Prerequisite: Students must have taken Therapeutic Horseback Riding I for three consecutive sessions. Advancement is based on the rider's abilities, needs and personal progress. Each lesson is tailored to the rider's abilities. A medical form is required by Spirit for participation.

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