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Hatha Yoga I (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) Learn basic yoga postures as you gain more strength and flexibility while using different breathing techniques. This class is designed to help improve your posture and bring you relaxation. Please bring a mat and towel to class. ~

Pilates Allegro Reformer Jumpboard 13+

(13-Adult) This exciting express format adds aerobic elements to your Pilates reformer program through the use of a jumpboard attachment. Participants will also perform a variety of additional strength and stability exercises. Students should be able to do level 2 class work.

Weight Training for Teens (12-15 yrs)

(12-15 yrs) Learn proper equipment use, techniques and safety along with stretching, strength and endurance exercises. Students who complete a final test are issued a weight room pass (to be used with admission) that entitles them to use the weight room without adult supervision.

Yoga - Senior (60 yrs+)

(60 yrs+) Designed for those desiring a slow-paced introduction to yoga. ~

Yoga for Golfers (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) Classes focus on limbering and lengthening muscles used in golf. Balance exercises improve stability, range of motion, swing rotation and posture awareness. Your stamina improves and risk of injury decreases.

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