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The Fairfax County Park Authority offers a variety of activities such as classes, camps and tours in a wide variety of categories including aquatics, fitness, nature, dance, outdoor recreation, performing arts, history and many more. Special events, trips/tours and specialty workshops are listed in Parktakes, the Park Authority’s quarterly guide, available through free subscription to county citizens. .

Gardeners' Holiday Puppet Show

(2-Adult) Register in advance for one of these festive, holiday puppet shows by a professional troupe. Before or after the show enjoy the Gardeners’ holiday open house sponsored by the Friends of Green Spring. $5/person. Sponsored by Friends of Green Spring.

Adapting Ideas from Big Gardens

(Adults) Horticulturalist Karen Rexrode takes you on a virutal garden tour to share ideas from world-class gardens that you can use in your home garden. Whether the gardens are public, historical, or old school grounds, lessons can be learned. From various ways of staking vegetables, to combining plants, or learning what you don't like, examples are there to learn from and incorporate into your own garden space.

Backyard Butterflies- Help Monarchs & Butterflies

(13-Adult) Entomologist Nate Erwin shares the latest news on monarch butterfly conservation efforts. Learn about their migration phenomenon and how to create a butterfly garden to help monarchs and other butterflies find food for their young. We'll go into the gardens to talk about successful butterfly gardens and help migration tracking with citizen science monarch tagging.

Begonia Container Workshop

Pot up a beautiful begonia in a galvanized wall planter for your outdoor garden area with the help of begonia expert Johanna Zinn. Learn about beautiful begonias types that can grow in Virginia and how to care for them. Then take your begonia container home to enjoy through the summer.

Family Fun- Excellent Evergreens

(5-Adult) Learn about the wonderful world of evergreen trees and plants that really stand out this time of year. Enjoy a seasonal walk through the gardens and make an evergreen craft to decorate your home.

Garden Sprouts Fall-Nature Playgroup

(3-5 yrs.) Your preschooler enjoys nature-themed toys and puzzles while you meet other playgroup parents one Monday a month. Through games, songs, activities and a garden walk we explore different topics.

Garden Talk- Designing for Interest and Beauty

(16-Adult) Think that a garden has to be gray and dull during the winter months? Not so! Winter offers its own special charm. Let Extension Master Gardeners show you how to create visual interest with berries, seed heads, colorful branches, garden accents - even flowers. Add beauty and winter interest through the cold months.

Garden Talk- Fall Bounty Vegetable Garden

(16-Adult) Planting a fall vegetable garden extends the gardening season so you can continue to harvest fresh produce. Many cool-season vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts produce their best flavor and quality when they mature during cool weather. Extension master gardeners show you how.

Garden Talk-Putting the Garden to Bed

(16-Adult) Enjoy the break from the summer heat as you head back into the garden for some end-of-season maintenance. Learn from Extension Master Gardeners what you need to do to ensure that your plants are well prepared for the cold weather, what needs pruning, what needs transplanting and what needs mulch. 

Garden Talk-Tips on Growing Beautiful Bulbs

(16-Adult) Colorful bulbs can turn an ordinary garden into extraordinary. Planted in mass displays, small groupings or containers, they are a welcome sight. Now is the time to plant bulbs for bright, beautiful color next spring. Extension Master Gardeners show you how to have long-lasting displays of color and interest.

Native Plants for Butterflies

(Adults) Planting a native plant garden is beautiful and beneficial to butterflies. Horticulturalist Brenda Skarphol leads you through a butterfly safari in the gardens and highlights native plants that are terrific for the home garden and benefit butterflies as host plants or nectar sources.

Saving Garden Treasures-Taking Cuttings (Adults)

Learn how to propagate plants from cuttings following simple techniques demonstrated by horticulturalists MacKenzie Brooks and Nancy Olney. Learn strategies to overwinter your favorite tender perennials/annuals so you can add them to your garden next year. Take home a starter kit to expand your collection and save money this spring.

Seed Safari-How to Harvest Garden Seeds

(16-Adult) Gardener Linda Jones takes you outside on a seed safari to show you methods of collecting and saving seed to grow on for next year's garden. Learn ways to collect, clean, label and store seeds to insure sprouting success.

Winter Wreath Workshop

(14-Adult) Create a beautiful, winter wreath to take home for your front door after Green Spring staff members demonstrate the dazzling possibilities. Greens, forms, ribbon and cones included in the $25 supply fee. Please register for the program and supply fee.