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The Fairfax County Park Authority offers a variety of activities such as classes, camps and tours in a wide variety of categories including aquatics, fitness, nature, dance, outdoor recreation, performing arts, history and many more. Special events, trips/tours and specialty workshops are listed in Parktakes, the Park Authority’s quarterly guide, available through free subscription to county citizens. .

Ikebana Floral Design Workshop for Kids

Kids can try their hand at creating a Japanese-style floral design influenced by the flowering cherry trees. Instructor Elizabeth Berry will introduce kids to this Asian art and help them create a small arrangement of their own to take home. Please register for program and supply fee.

Dealing with Deer and Other Mammals in the Gardens

Bambi may be cute, but he would love to make a feast of your garden. Learn proven and humane tactics for gardening with deer, rabbits, rodents, groundhogs, and other creatures that are attracted to both edible and ornamental gardens.

Family Fun-Mothers in Nature

(5-Adult) Learn all about mothers and babies in the natural world. Butterflies, frogs, and even flowers have amazing life cycles that you'll be excited to learn more about. Take home a flower and its baby (a seed) and watch the life cycle unfold.

Family Fun-Spirals Everywhere

(5- Adult) There is a reason why spirals are a repeating pattern in nature. Find out why as we explore this pattern on a walk out in the gardens. Complete a beautiful water color art project based on the spirals and swirls we see around us.

Garden Buds

(2-3 yrs.) Meet in the Children's Discovery Garden. Your child enjoys different sensory materials out in the garden, rain or shine. Dress for the weather and explore at your leisure.

Garden Sprouts Spring-Nature Playgroup

(3-5 yrs.) Your preschooler enjoys nature-themed toys and puzzles while you meet other playgroup parents. Through games, songs, activities and a garden walk we explore these topics: March - Birds; April - Spring; May - Worms; June - Pond

Garden Talk-Be a Water-wise Gardener

Gardening is going “green!” Extension Master Gardeners will discuss how to conserve and manage water using plant selection, soil preparation, irrigation, and many other practices that will make you a “water wise” gardener.

Garden Talk-Bring on the Hummingbirds

Perhaps one of the most beloved birds in gardening, hummingbirds astonish us with their aerial acrobatics, their beauty, and the important role they play in the garden as pollinators. Attend this talk to learn about plants you can add to your landscape to attract these beautiful birds.

Garden Talk-Lawn of Your Dreams

This spring, take the luck out of lawn care and learn the tips and tricks you need to keep your lawn healthy, thick and green. Extension Master Gardeners will discuss fertilization, seeding and weed prevention to withstand dry, hot weather.

Garden Talk-Power Perennials

Whether you’re new to perennials or just looking to add a few plants, this talk is for you. Extension Master Gardeners will introduce you to time-honored favorites and many easy-care native perennials that will brighten your garden with dazzling color.

Garden Talk-Purple Plants to Punch up the Garden

(Adults) Punch up your garden with purple. Whether you have a warm or cool color garden, purple makes a great accent. Extension Master Gardeners show you how to incorporate this color into your garden all year ‘round with flowers, foliage, and fruits.

Hypertufa Garden Trough Workshop

Create a stone trough of hyper-tufa for a natural-looking container that's ideal for succulents, conifers and rock garden plants. Green Spring staff member Susan Eggerton explains the process and leads you through construction. Please register for both program and supply fee. $45 for program plus $25 supply fee.

Paint-A-Pot Workshop

Bring your mom or a friend and get crafty at Green Spring Gardens. We will put out some fun, flavored teas for you to sip while you decorate a clay flower pot with paint and decoupage. Green Spring staff will provide the supplies and know-how, you provide the creativity. Take your creation home to enjoy inside, on the patio, or gift it to your mom for Mother's Day.

Plants & Design-Multiply Your Plants

Multiply your plants through the simple, money-saving techniques of stem cuttings and plant division. Horticulturalist Peggy Riccio will walk you through this hands-on workshop where you will learn to propagate house and garden plants. Take the starter plants home to grow on for your garden or share with a friend. Your garden will flourish with your new skill.

Plants & Design-Season-Long Beauty

May is a great time to plan for season-long beauty in your garden. Get to know great plant combinations for home, wildlife, and pollinator gardens, including easy-to-grow edibles and showy perennials. Horticulturalist Brenda Skarphol will demonstrate how to divide plants and discuss how to best care for your new plantings and divisions.

Workshop- Ever-Blooming Alliums

(Adults) Learn how to create a hand-crafted allium garden stake to accent your garden. Horticulturalist, Nancy Olney, well known for her fun, garden art workshops, will lead you through the construction and painting of the project. Use your know-how and resource list for making more on your own. Supply fee: $15