Beyond the Cherry and Dogwood

(Adults) Wake up your garden with early blooming trees. Take a walk through the gardens with Green Spring horticulturist Adam Bucher and learn about late-winter and early-spring bloomers, new cultivars, and their care. Program takes place outside. Dress for the weather.

EcoSavvy Symposium - Feel-Good EcoSavvy Gardening

(Adults) Join us virtually for the 19th annual EcoSavvy Symposium, presented by VCE Green Spring Master Gardeners. Understand how gardening affects your physical, mental and spiritual health and learn sustainable gardening techniques using green plants to reclaim contaminated soil and groundwater. A Zoom invitation will be emailed prior to the event.

Family Fun - Forcing Flowers

(7-Adult) Flowers in winter? You bet! Discover the science behind blooms and how to coax them out, even in winter. Create an early bouquet including pussy willow and forsythia branches to bloom indoors. All attendees, including parents, must be registered for the program.

Family Fun - Glasshouse Exploration

(5-Adult) Escape the cold winter weather and transport yourself to the tropics. Explore our glasshouse and learn about the plants in our collection and their warm native environments. Create your own mini glasshouse with seeds to take home. All attendees, including parents, must be registered for the program.

Family Fun - Plant Now, Harvest Later

(4-Adult) Explore our Edible Garden and learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin. Plant your own seed to come back and harvest in the fall! All attendees, including parents, must be registered for the program.

Family Fun - Sensational Seeds!

(5-Adult) Thinking about your spring garden? Come explore the sensational world of seeds. We examine our seed collection, dissect seeds to see what’s inside, and learn how they grow into the plants that fill our gardens. Then plant some seeds to grow at home. Transplant them outside in your garden in spring. All attendees, including parents, must be registered for the program.

Forest Bathing Walk in the Gardens

(Adults) Experience Green Spring Gardens with all of your senses. Join Ana Ka’ahanui, co-founder of local nonprofit Capital Nature for a slow, meditative walk around the gardens. Contemplative, but more active than meditation, this forest bathing walk will help reduce blood pressure, boost immunity, and enhance mood and creativity. Decompress and feel a deeper connection with the natural world. Bring something to sit on the ground, which may be damp, and a water bottle. Dress for the weather.

Garden Artists - Flower Pressing

(5-Adult) Learn the process of flower and leaf pressing, and make your own beautiful botanical creation to take home. Garden flower tour included. All attendees, including parents, must be registered for the program.

Garden Artists - Ikebana for Kids

(7-15 yrs.) Create a fun Japanese-style floral design! Instructor Elizabeth Berry will introduce kids to this Asian art form and help them create an arrangement of their own to take home. No previous experience is needed. Please register for the program and supply fee. Kids must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who does not need to register for the program.

Garden Sprouts Spring - Nature Playgroup

(3-5 yrs.) Your preschooler enjoys nature-themed toys and puzzles while you meet other playgroup parents one Monday a month. Through games, songs, activities and a garden walk we explore seasonal topics. Program will take place outdoors, weather permitting.

Garden Sprouts Winter - Nature Playgroup

(3-5 yrs.) Your preschooler enjoys nature-themed activities while you meet other playgroup parents one Monday a month. Through games, songs, activities and a garden walk, we explore seasonal topics.

Garden Talk - Best Perennial Vines for Your Garden

(Adult) Elevate the beauty of your garden, even your lamp post, with vines! Vines bring attractive foliage and fragrant flowers to eye level and beyond. Extension Master Gardener docents teach you how to select appropriate vines, resulting in a happy gardener and happy plant.

Garden Talk - Gardening for Bees

(Adults) Bees are under threat from habitat loss, pesticides and climate change. Bees do more than make honey. Honey bees are also responsible for pollinating about one-third of our daily diet. Extension Master Gardener docents show you how to attract and nurture bees by growing a variety of plants that support them.

Garden Talk - Landscaping with Native Plants

(Adults) Learn how to incorporate native plants into your garden for maximum ecological impact and beauty. Extension Master Gardener docents teach you how to have a beautiful garden and preserve the environment at the same time.

Garden Talk - Problem Plants & Better Alternatives

(Adults) Fast-growing invasive plants spread like wildfire, covering your garden and anything that does not move! Give invasives an inch and they’ll take over your yard. Learn about Fairfax County's new mandate against bamboo aggression and hear from Extension Master Gardener docents about the best native alternatives for your garden.

Garden Talk - Small-Space Veggie Gardening

(Adults) Don’t have a large yard? With a little creativity, even the smallest patio, deck or townhouse yard can be turned into a successful vegetable garden! Let Extension Master Gardener docents show you how to grow vegetables in a small space. Whatever your space constraints, you too can grow delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables!

Garden Talk - Spring Cleaning in the Garden

(Adults) There is plenty of seasonal maintenance to do before summer arrives! Learn from Extension Master Gardener docents what you need to do to ensure that your plants are ready for the summer ahead, what needs pruning, what needs transplanting, and what needs mulch.

Garden Talk - Spring Veggies and Herbs

(Adults) If you have never grown a vegetable garden before, then this is the year to start! Extension Master Gardener docents show you how to plan a vegetable and herb garden that will conserve water, reduce waste, and reduce grocery bills.

Garden Talk - Townhouse Gardening

(Adults) Extension Master Gardener docents share tips for making a big impact in smaller landscapes. This session will be useful not only for townhouse owners but for anyone looking for creative solutions for a small garden space.

Garden Terrarium Workshop

(16-Adult) Enjoy the outdoors inside by creating a beautiful terrarium. Begonia enthusiast Johanna Zinn provides information on this versatile genus and teaches you techniques for creating the perfect terrarium. A terrarium, plants, soil and care instructions are provided. Register for both the class and the $30 supply fee.

Growing Plants in a Bag

(Adults) Don’t have space or the required light to grow vegetables? Try a grow bag! Learn how easy it is to grow beautiful vegetables and flowers using grow bags. They are easy to move, provide better soil drainage, and build stronger roots for plants. Extension Master Gardener docents will teach you the benefits and care requirements of grow bags. Grow bags, soil medium and seeds will be provided.

Hidden Gems of Green Spring

(Adults) Join Green Spring Gardens staff on a walk that highlights interesting and seldom seen parts of the gardens. Get the inside scoop on the dazzling plants that bloom in the quiet corners of Green Spring. Program takes place outside. Dress for the weather.

Intro to Tree and Shrub Pruning

(Adult) Did your hydrangea fail to bloom? Nervous about shaping your specimen tree? Green Spring Gardens staff will teach you about timing, tools and techniques for pruning common woody plants to keep them healthy and looking their best.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

(4-Adult) Join us on the second Saturday of each month to learn about different aspects of nature and go on the hunt for themed objects around the park. All attendees, including parents, must be registered for the program.

Plant Swap - Houseplants, Cuttings and Containers

(16-Adult) Join us for Green Spring Gardens' 2nd annual Plant Swap! Bring your unwanted houseplants, cuttings and containers to swap with others or simply give away. A lecture and Master Gardener Help Desk will be included. Leave with new plants, containers, garden friends and expert advice. Rules and regulations of the swap will be emailed before the program.

Spring Garden Tour

(Adults) Enjoy a guided tour of Green Spring's beautiful demonstration gardens with an Extension Master Gardener docent. Hear about our 18th century origins and our mission today. Find inspiration in our horticulturists’ plant choices and garden bed designs and take their ideas home to try in your own landscape. Garden tours run rain or shine.

Starting from Scratch with Seeds

(16-Adult) Grow flowers, vegetables and herbs from seed and expand your garden. Be inspired by Green Spring staff members as they discuss potting mixes, containers, seed treatments, lighting, fertilization, watering, seed sources and timing. Then take home a few seeds to start your own collection.

Washington Gardener Seed Exchange

(Adult) Washington Gardener Magazine is co-hosting the annual seed exchange at Green Spring Gardens with lectures, a face-to-face seed swap, and more. Bring your extra seeds to swap and leave with a bag full of seeds, new garden friends, and expert planting advice. $15 for verified Friends of Green Spring members and Washington Gardener subscribers; $20 for guests.

Winter Lecture - A History of Hedges

(Adults) Hedges – high and low – have been in our gardens for over 2,000 years and are part of our cultural heritage. Explore the fascinating history of hedges, from rural hedgerows to classic garden design features with Green Spring Historian Debbie Waugh. Consider their practical, ecological and ornamental value and what they can tell us about the people who planted them. View spectacular hedges from around the world, reflecting myriad purposes and styles, and hear about Green Spring’s own historic hedge. This program will be held in person.

Winter Lecture - History of American Gardening

(Adults) Join celebrated landscape designer and winner of the 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show "Best in Show" Wambui Ippolito for a virtual exploration of the history of American gardening through the lens of the immigrants who helped cultivate practices and plant life that are still used today. A Zoom link will be emailed prior to the program.

Winter Lecture - Stress-less Gardening

(Adults) Join landscape architect Preston Montague for a virtual discussion on how to avoid common gardening practices that cause unnecessary stress and reduce the ecosystem potential of our landscapes. Learn ways to keep gardening healthy for us and the environment. A Zoom link will be emailed prior to the program.

Winter Lecture- Tropicals for Temperate Landscapes

(Adults) Tropical and subtropical plants can create incredible energy and excitement in temperate landscapes and provide strong design elements through the toughest and hottest months of the growing season. Using five memorable categories from her new book "Tropical Plants and How to Love Them" and a host of design tips, Marianne Willburn will focus on incorporating some spectacular examples in containers and beds – many of which are remarkably easy to overwinter. A plant list will be provided. This program will be held in person. Book signing after lecture.

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