Choose Your Nature Walk

(2-Adult) Book a walk with one of our Children’s Education teachers and choose from a variety of topics for the themed tour of the park. Each tour will include a hands on element and can be customized to include the science topics your students are learning in school. Choose one of the following topics: Pond Fauna & Flora, Native VA Plants & Trees, Watersheds & Geology of Green Spring, VA Ecosystems Walk, History of Green Spring as a Farm or General Garden Tour. You can sign up for our scheduled walks or schedule an on-demand tour.

Family Fun: Big Trees & Bees

(7-Adult) Join us on a Big Tree tour to explore bee hives and big trees at Green Spring. Learn about the roles of pollination and trees in our ecosystem. Bring home a craft to show off to your friends and family.

Family Fun: Excellent Evergreens

(5-Adult) Learn about the wonderful world of evergreen trees and plants that really stand out this time of year. Enjoy a seasonal walk through the gardens and make an evergreen craft to decorate your home.

Family Fun: Family Food Justice

(8-Adult) Dive into the world of food justice and gain understanding of urban farming, food deserts, and the importance of growing your food. Take home a mini edible garden.

Family Fun: Harmonious Harvest

(5-Adult) Celebrate harvest time with nature themed music, storytelling, and harvest your own edible plant to bring home.

Family Fun: Jurassic Gardener

(5-Adult) Learn about prehistoric plants that are still around today -from a tree that is 69 million years old to ferns that dinosaurs trod on. Take home your own plant.

Family Fun: Monarch Migration

(5-Adult) Learn about magnificent monarch butterflies and their migration. Move through the obstacles in our Monarch Migration Course, evolving from egg to butterfly and beyond with games, songs and activities!

Family Fun: Plant Potions

(5-Adult) Cure your ailments and bring a bit of magic to your world with plant potions. Learn how ancient healers concocted mixtures that we still use today. Take home your own mini plant potion garden.

Family Fun: Pumpkin Painting

(5-Adult) This iconic gourd has a unique life cycle and contributes to its ecosystem; come learn all about it and paint one to take home. Bring your own pumpkin or use one of our freshly harvested ones grown on-site.

Floral Design-Holiday Table Arrangement

(Adults) Enjoy the lush holiday colors and textures by bringing them into your home. Learn how to create a unique, take-home floral design that celebrates the Thanksgiving season with the help of professional floral designer Betty Ann Galway. Learn tips and tricks of the trade to practice on your own designs at home.

Garden Sprouts Fall-Nature Playgroup

(3-5 yrs.) Your preschooler enjoys nature-themed toys and puzzles while you meet other playgroup parents one Monday a month. Through games, songs, activities and a garden walk we explore seasonal topics. Program will take place outdoors, weather permitting.

Garden Talk: Cacti and Succulents

(Adults) Do you want to branch out and try something different? Extension Master Gardeners will show you the wonderful world of cacti and succulents, which draw the eye with their wide range of color, texture and form. Not only are they beautiful, but cacti and succulents are also easy to grow.

Garden Talk: Design for Fall Beauty & Winter

(Adults) Fall offers its own special charm in the garden. Extension Master Gardeners show you how to create a warm and inviting entry with colorful berries, dazzling leaves, beautifully structured branches, stunning grasses, standout seed heads—even blooming flowers. Find a new favorite to add beauty and vibrance to your fall and winter landscape.

Garden Talk: Landscaping with Shrubs

(Adults) Is it time to replace those overgrown and tired-looking shrubs? Fall is the best time to plant new ones. Extension Master Gardeners introduce you to easy-care shrubs that add shape and structure, fragrance, berries, and seasonal color to your landscape.

Garden Talk: Rocks Rock!

(Adults) Rock gardens add a special look and feel to any landscape. Extension Master Garenders show you how to design and plant a beautiful display resembling an alpine meadow or a mountain garden with fabulous small and dwarf perennials and evergreens. Not only do these plants boast great longevity, but they require little maintenance.

Garden Talk: Tips on Growing Beautiful Bulbs

(Adult) Colorful bulbs can turn an ordinary garden into extraordinary. Planted in mass displays, small groupings or containers, they are a welcome sight in any garden. Now is the time to plant bulbs for bright, beautiful color next spring. Learn about a variety of beautiful bulbs from Extension Master Gardeners and how to plant and care for them.

Garden Tour: Green Spring Up and Down

(Adults) Extension Master Gardener docents lead a special “Grand Tour” of Green Spring! View some upper demonstration gardens, then take the garden path less travelled to explore the naturalistic lower garden areas: the Virginia Native Plant Garden, woodland stream valley, and ponds. Tour involves a steep slope with loose gravel.

Golden Garden

(Adults) In honor of Green Spring's golden anniversary, we look at the color gold in the garden. Learn how to use this "neutral" color to balance your color garden color palette. Create gorgeous combinations and meet gold plants that can carry you through all four seasons.

Magical Meadow: White Garden Installation

(Adult) Join landscape designer Larry Weiner for a walk and talk at the newly installed White Garden Meadow. Larry will share details and highlights about the meadow project and his creative process. White Meadows is located at 3301 Hawthorne Ln, Falls Church, VA 22042.

Native Flora For Homeowners

(16-Adult) From Virginia Bluebells to Zigzag Goldenrod, learn about the wonderful world of Virginia native plants and how to choose what to plant in your yard.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

(4-Adult) Join us on the first Saturday of each month to learn about different aspects of nature and go on the hunt for themed objects around the park.

Plants & Design: Perk Up Your Fall Garden

(Adult) September is a great time to inject some autumn beauty into your home garden. Green Spring horticulturist Brenda Skarphol discusses dividing perennials, planting cool season plants and beautifying your garden with fall season show-stoppers so it looks its autumn best. Special emphasis placed on plants for pollinators and other wildlife.

Saving Garden Treasures: Taking Plant Cuttings

(16-Adult) Learn how to propagate plants from cuttings following simple techniques demonstrated by Green Spring staff. Gain strategies to overwinter your favorite tender perennials so you can add them to your garden next year and save money. Take home a starter collection to begin your own saved treasures.

Seasonal Storytelling

(5-Adult) Explore the approaching season with stories, myths and legends. Puppets, pictures and the enchanting garden surroundings enhance the experience.

Storytelling in the Garden

(2-Adult) Join us every other week at Green Spring Gardens for a story. Families can bring a picnic blanket or just sit in the grass and listen to our storytellers read a story with a different theme. Afterwards, take some time to explore our gardens, ponds and Historic House. All attendees must be registered for this program.

Summer Safari

(5-Adult) Salamanders, snakes, toads, turtles…summer is their favorite season and all are out and about. Come on a safari to explore the habitats and activities of these creatures and more! Binoculars and magnifying glasses will be provided to aid you in your summer safari. All attendees (parents and children) must be registered for this program.

Winter Solstice Celebration In The Garden

(5-Adult) Join us to celebrate the rebirth of the sun and the beginning of winter. Learn about one of the most ancient rituals in the world with legends, crafting and games.

Winter Wreath Workshop

(14-Adult) Create a beautiful, winter wreath to take home for your front door after Green Spring staff members demonstrate the dazzling possibilities. Greens, forms, ribbon and cones included in the $25 supply fee. Please register for the program and supply fee.

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