Sign Up for Holiday Lights on the Farm through the tickets page. Select 'Frying Pan Park' as the Place, and your desired date of attending the Holiday Tour. The Holiday Light tour is available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until December 19th.

Choose Your Nature Walk

(2-Adult) Book a walk with one of our Children’s Education teachers and choose from a variety of topics for the themed tour of the park. Each tour will include a hands on element and can be customized to include the science topics your students are learning in school. Choose one of the following topics: Pond Fauna & Flora, Native VA Plants & Trees, Watersheds & Geology of Green Spring, VA Ecosystems Walk, History of Green Spring as a Farm or General Garden Tour. You can sign up for our scheduled walks or schedule an on-demand tour.

EcoSavvy Symposium - Restoring Urban Forest Online

(Adult) Help restore our urban forests, one yard at a time. This program will help you understand the ecological imperative to preserve and grow our tree canopy. Learn what you can do to help improve the issue of tree canopy decline throughout the region, and learn steps you can apply in your community and in your own yard to reverse this disturbing trend. A Zoom link will be emailed before the event. This virtual program is also available in person.

Family Fun - Bedrock to Gardenbed

(5-Adult) Although bedrock is hidden under layers of soil, it plays a role in all life. Discover the ways bedrock dictates the plants and animals that dwell above, and investigate the powerful geology of Green Spring Gardens. All attendees, including parents, must register to control group size.

Family Fun - Forcing Flowers

(7-Adult) Flowers in winter? You bet! Discover the science behind blooms, and how to coax them out, even in winter. Create an early bouquet including pussy willow and forsythia branches to bloom indoors. All attendees, including parents, must register to control group size.

Family Fun - Glasshouse Exploration

(5-Adult) Escape the cold winter weather and transport yourself to the tropics. Explore our glasshouse and learn about our plant collection and their warm native environments. Create your own mini glasshouse with seeds to take home. All attendees, including parents, must register to control group size.

Family Fun - Nature Invaders

(7-Adult) An invasion is coming! Bugs, vines, birds and more. Come and join the fight against invasive species. Learn about where these species come from and why we must put up a fight. Plant a native seed to take home and grow. All attendees, including parents, must register to control group size.

Family Fun - Polyhouse Planters

(7-Adult) Can't wait until April to plant? Come to our warm and toasty polyhouses! Explore these amazing tools our gardeners use to grow seeds all year round. Plant your own seed tray to come back and collect in spring. All attendees, including parents, must register to control group size.

Family Fun - Winter Weather Meteorologist

(7-Adult) What's the difference between weather and climate? How does weather affect animals and plants? Discover the answers and become a meteorologist. Make weather instruments to predict when the next winter storm will come. All attendees, including parents, must register to control group size.

Family Fun: Excellent Evergreens

(5-Adult) Learn about the wonderful world of evergreen trees and plants that really stand out this time of year. Enjoy a seasonal walk through the gardens and make an evergreen craft to decorate your home.

Garden Artists - Fleeting Masterpieces

(5-Adult) Explore the temporary art of Andy Goldsworthy, and utilize rocks, leaves, branches, and even ice to create your own fleeting nature masterpiece. All attendees, including parents, must register to control group size.

Garden Sprouts Winter - Nature Playgroup

(3-5 yrs.)Your preschooler enjoys nature-themed activities while you meet other playgroup parents one Monday a month. Through games, songs, activities and a garden walk, we explore seasonal topics.

Garden Talk - Easy Garden Makeover Tips

(16-Adult) Do you have an area of your garden that you want to plan or rework? Are you tired of your current landscape design or lack of one?   Does your landscape meet your needs? With a little bit of knowledge, planning and effort you can brighten your garden with dazzling color. Extension Master Gardener docents lead you through this “do-over” class to help you determine your needs and rethink your garden space to better match your style.

Garden Talk - Get Ready for Spring

(16-Adult) Spring garden maintenance in Northern Virginia begins in winter and is a terrific way to shake the winter blahs. It's time to prune, transplant, fertilize, mulch and prevent weeds. Extension Master Gardeners give tips for selecting plants and starting seedlings.

Great Woody Plants for the Home Garden

(16-Adult) Green Spring horticulturist Brenda Skarphol highlights beautiful flowering shrubs that grow well in Virginia home gardens. Get to know seasonal standouts for winter and spring. Learn the culture and care of these beauties and how to best showcase them in your garden. The program takes place outdoors.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

(4-Adult) Join us on the first Saturday of each month to learn about different aspects of nature and go on the hunt for themed objects around the park.

Seasonal Storytelling

(5-Adult) Explore the approaching season with stories, myths and legends. Puppets, pictures and the enchanting garden surroundings enhance the experience.

Starting from Scratch with Seeds

(16-Adult) Grow flowers, vegetables and herbs from seed and expand your garden. Be inspired by Green Spring staff members as they discuss potting mixes, containers, seed treatments, lighting, fertilization, watering, seed sources and timing. Then take home a few seeds to start your own collection.

Storytelling in the Garden

(2-Adult) Join us every other week at Green Spring Gardens for a story in the garden. Families can bring a picnic blanket or just sit in the grass and listen to our storytellers read a story with a different theme. Afterwards, take some time to explore our gardens, ponds and Historic House. All attendees, including parents, must be registered for the program.


(2-Adult) Do you love books, gardens and nature walks? Combine all three and join our storytellers to move through the pages of a story and the beautiful gardens of Green Spring, connecting literature to the physical world. All attendees, including parents, must be registered for the program.

Washington Gardener Seed Exchange

(Adult) Washington Gardener Magazine is co-hosting the annual seed exchange at Green Spring Gardens with lectures, a face-to-face seed swap, and more. Bring your extra seeds to swap and leave with a bag full of seeds, new garden friends, and expert planting advice. $15 for verified Friends of Green Spring members and Washington Gardener subscribers; $20 for guests.

Winter Garden Tour - Green Spring Up & Down

(Adults) Extension Master Gardener docents lead a tour of Green Spring's winter landscape. View some upper demonstration gardens, then take the garden path less travelled to explore the naturalistic lower garden areas: the Virginia Native Plant Garden, woodland stream valley, and ponds. Finish at the Historic House with warm drinks. Tour involves a steep slope with loose gravel.

Winter Lecture - Create Designer Container Gardens

(16-Adult) Winter is the perfect time to begin planning your Spring and Summer container gardens! Container Gardening expert Steph Green of Contained Creations discusses the elements behind her luxurious, eye-catching designs and shares her techniques for building lush, layered arrangements. We’ll cover pot selection, plant combinations, and layouts that will help you elevate your own designs this year.

Winter Lecture - Hidden Gardens

(16-Adult) Throughout history, many splendid gardens have been abandoned and lost, unknown and unseen for decades and even centuries. Join historian Debbie Waugh in viewing stunning gardens around the world that have been rediscovered and painstakingly restored to their former grandeur, and hear their fascinating stories. Consider the important work underway today to restore and conserve historic landscapes.

Winter Lecture - Houseplants by Design Online

(16-Adult) You want houseplants, you need houseplants—but do you really utilize houseplants to their fullest potential? In this virtual lecture, designer Tovah Martin explores some of the easiest, most rewarding houseplants appropriate for all types of home situations and varying window exposures. Learn about house-plant design principles and how to pair and profile them with your décor, using containers that really make your houseplants shine with personality. Your habitat needs houseplants—why not do it with panache? A Zoom link will be emailed before the event.

Winter Lecture - Lift Every Voice Online

(16-Adult) From sea to shining sea, Black people have made rich contributions to American garden history. Join horticulturalist and historian Abra Lee on this journey through the DMV and beyond as we celebrate these horticultural trailblazers. A Zoom link will be emailed before the event.

Winter Lecture Series - Native Shrubs for Birds

(16-Adult) The importance of trees and shrubs for sustaining our bird population is not often fully understood. Anne Little, co-founder of the Virginia Bluebird Society and founder of Tree Fredericksburg, will introduce you to native trees and shrubs that help sustain our bird populations. Three billion birds have disappeared across North America since 1970 — a 29% decline. Two-thirds of the continent's bird species are at risk of extinction due to climate change. By creating the proper habitat in our yards and public spaces, we can help slow this decline.

Winter Lecture Series- Thomas Rainer Garden Design

(16-Adult) Renowned landscape architect and design blogger, Thomas Rainer, will talk about going beyond the basics of good garden design. Take lessons from his garden creations to improve your own planting plans for an ecologically diverse and beautiful garden.

Winter Solstice Celebration In The Garden

(5-Adult) Join us to celebrate the rebirth of the sun and the beginning of winter. Learn about one of the most ancient rituals in the world with legends, crafting and games.

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