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The Fairfax County Park Authority offers a variety of activities such as classes, camps and tours in a wide variety of categories including aquatics, fitness, nature, dance, outdoor recreation, performing arts, history and many more. Special events, trips/tours and specialty workshops are listed in Parktakes, the Park Authority’s quarterly guide, available through free subscription to county citizens. .

A Bountiful Harvest

(5-Adult) Wheat and corn were the two main crops grown at Sully. Stop by the kitchen to see foods made using those two grains. Make a corn husk doll and a woven wheat ornament to take home.

A Visit With Santa

(2-Adult) Bring your camera to take a picture with Santa in front of a real, open-hearth fire. Make a festive ornament to deck your own halls and enjoy some refreshments. Take a brisk wagon ride weather permitting. This is an ongoing event; Santa and wagon ride time slots based on arrival time.

ABC's of Tea

(14-Adult) Learn about the history of teas from around the globe. Taste a variety of teas including – white, green, oolong, black, and dark styles and how to best brew each style for optimum flavor. Tea infused treats and a take home tea sampler included. With certified Tea Specialist Laurie Bell of Great Falls Tea Garden.

African-American at Walney Walking Tour (6-Adult)

(6-Adult) In this interactive walking tour, learn the names and stories of many African-American families who lived here in slavery and in freedom. Learn about slave tenancy and hear local stories of resistance and survival.

Celebrate Cabell’s Mill

(All ages) As time moves on, we look back at the history of Cabell’s Mill. Celebrate its 250 year anniversary and the 75th anniversary of the purchase of the property by David & Ellanor Lawrence. Celebrate the many uses of Cabell’s Mill and hear about the people who have been a part of its past. Learn about the Lawrence family’s influence and try your hand at grinding grain.

Children's Tour (6-Adult)

(6-Adult) It's your turn to tell the story in this refreshingly different historic house tour. Great for kids and the young at heart, this tour is interactive and fun. Ponder the clues, explore and investigate, play games, take a selfie with your favorite Huntley character.

Christmas Tea at the Harrisons

(Adults) December in the late 1800s might have included a Ladies Housekeeping Society tea hosted by Mrs. Harrison. The halls of Huntley will be decked and we’ll share some Christmas history with you as you enjoy teas, scones, fruit and a light savory.

Colonial Life for Homeschool (6-12 yrs)

(6-12 yrs.) Did you know that Huntley Meadows Park was once part of George Mason's holdings? Discover this forgotten Founding Father as you make your own candle, design your own stencil to mark crops, write with a quill pen and decide the future of the Virginia colony.

Cooking Biscuits (4-Adult)

(4-Adult) Try cooking the old fashioned way over a fire, the way many Virginians before us did. Cook biscuits with jelly and make fresh butter to sample. Learn about the tools and safety required when cooking with open flames.

Dairy Days-Ice Cream Making & Butter (5+)

(5-Adult) Churn butter, crank ice cream, milk a fake cow, play 18th century games, and experience the products of an historic dairy. Walk-ins welcome, but preregistration recommended. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Tour cost separate.

Delicious Dairy at Historic Huntley (2+)

(2-Adult) Churn your own delicious butter and taste fresh cheese you can make at home. Discover how Huntley, once summer home for the wealthy, became a dairy farm. House tour included.

Design a Family Flag (8-Adult)

(8-Adult) Make your own family flag while learning the historic art of vexillography. Use themes from your family's past and future, local nature, and favorite hobbies to create a graphic craft to display in your home.

Dutch Oven Brunch

(6-Adult) Join us around the campfire for some corn pancakes and freshly made butter as we learn about the history of Thanksgiving foodways and how Thanksgiving might not have been celebrated by the Masons!

Enslaved Lives and the Legacy of Slavery

(Adults) Join an historian for a tour of Huntley that examines the relationship of the Mason family to slavery and recovers insights into the lives of the Humphrey family and other enslaved people whose labor maintained Mason wealth and social status.

Exploring Teas-Advanced Workshop

(14-Adult) For those who have attended past basic tea seminars. An exploration into unique teas – by process, terroir, and/or scarcity. Tea infused treats and a take home tea sampler included. With certified Tea Specialist Laurie Bell of Great Falls Tea Garden.

Fall Harvest Grind

(5-Adult) The crops have been harvested, and it's that time of year when the mill is running 24 hours. After a successful harvest, farmers and their families might come to the mill as they wait for the crops to be turned into flour and cornmeal. Come visit living historians portraying life of the miller's and farmers' families. This evening program includes games and activities of the period, as well as a chance to see the mill running after dark. This is a family-friendly event.

Four Floor Tour

(10-Adult) Please be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as we will climb steep stairs. Second and third floor areas are not ADA accessible, but alternative arrangements will be made for those who cannot climb stairs but wish to participate. This extended tour may last up to two hours.

Hands-on History-Candle Dipping (5-Adult)

(5-Adult) Learn about early lighting techniques before the advent of electricity through a touch display including a candle mold, betty lamp, beeswax and wicking. End the program by making your own hand-dipped candle to take home. Add a guided tour for only $5 per person.

Historic All Hallows Eve

(5-Adult) In the 18th and 19th centuries, Virginians celebrated All Hallows Eve with storytelling, fortune telling, fall foods and family gatherings. Experience these traditions as you tour the house and grounds by lantern light.

Historic Baseball (7-14 yrs)

(7-14 yrs.) Learn about early versions of baseball. Sew your own baseball to take home. Play a game using the "Knickerbocker" rules.

Historic Desserts (7-Adult)

(7-Adult) Join an historian and learn how the Machens of Walney made dessert over an open fire. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

History Discussions at Huntley

(Adults) Enjoy a refreshingly different view of history at Huntley Meadows Park as guest speakers join us each quarter for a lively discussion of varied topics. Then enjoy a tour of Historic Huntley.

History Tots-Fall

(2-3 yrs.) Bring your toddler to explore history through sight, sound, smell and touch. Program includes indoor and outdoor activities. Adults must be able to participate with children. Topics vary with seasons: Sept-Apples, Oct-Pumpkins, Nov-Pilgrims, and Dec-Warmth.

Holding the Past in the Present

(8-14 yrs.) Hold history in your hands. Discover how to dig like an archaeologist and how historians reconstructed Ellanor C. Lawrence Park's history. Use archaeology methods and techniques to see what you find. Examine artifacts and figure out how they were used.

Holidays at Walney Farm

(2-Adult) Celebrate the winter holidays with the Machen family at Walney Farm. Learn about the gifts and foods of an 1850 farm, create your own historic holiday ornament, take a wagon ride along the trails and enjoy hot apple cider and treats around a campfire.

Homeschool Day (5-12 yrs)

(5-12 yrs.) Bring your home school student or group for hands-on fun learning designed to enrich understanding of Fairfax County circa 1800.

Homeschool Historians

(6-12 yrs.) Explore Fairfax County history with hands on activities and games in this four week course. Week 1: Learn how light reflects life with candle making. Week 2: Explore food ways from garden to table. Week 3: Have some fun with historical games. Week 4: Try your hand at letter writing. All sessions have take home crafts.

House Detective Tea

(Adults) Historic houses are mysteries. Learn how historians piece together the clues they offer to reveal the surprising stories old homes keep hidden. Program is followed by a lovely tea in the historic villa. Tea includes at least two types of tea, scone and other sweets, fruit and a light savory.

Ice Cream at Historic Huntley (2-Adult)

(2-Adult) Make and enjoy hand-cranked ice cream as Huntley's Harris family may have done. Discover how the histories of ice cream and Huntley follow a similar path from elite luxury to family fare. Ice well and Historic Huntley House tour included.

Ice Well Ice Cream

Did you know that Huntley has an underground ice well? Watch a video on this hidden treasure, use antique ice tongs, and make and taste hand-cranked ice cream.

Mapping the Past for Homeschoolers (7-13 yrs)

(7-13 yrs.) Supplement your Virginia and other historical studies with a fun day of exploring, interpreting and making maps. Try your hand at orienteering, learn about different types of maps from around the world, and take home your own personalized map of your life.

Mason Tea

(Adults) Enjoy an afternoon tea circa 1830 much as Betsey Mason would have with the gleam of polished silver and proper tea etiquette. Sample a menu of tasty treats appropriate to the period in an historic setting as you brush up on your tea history. Includes a tour of Historic Huntley.

Mill Race Tours

(5-Adult) Cabell’s Mill has changed over its 250 years. As we tour Cabell’s Mill we will discuss its function as a mill and in the community, how its function has changed over time and examine its history through photography.

Moonshine and Mayhem Hike

(13-Adult) This 2.5-mile scenic hike is a journey back in time to Riverbend Park's secret past. The trail winds through upland forest and hollows. Stops along the hike reveal how Riverbend was a hideout from local authorities during the days of prohibition.

Naked Tour

(5-Adult) See Sully behind the scenes as never before: Completely open for all to see. With your guide, walk freely through the home of Richard Bland Lee, the first congressman from northern Virginia, without museum barriers. Clothing required.

Native American Skills-Tool Making (6-Adult)

(6-Adult) What tools do you use each day? People living in this region 500+ years ago made tools with natural materials. Listen to the compelling history of human tool making and then get some hands on experience with tools that are surprising similar to the ones we still use today. Finally try your hand using a pump drill and shooting a bow and arrow.

Pumpkin Party on the Hill (2-12 yrs)

(2-12 yrs.) Bring a pumpkin to paint and decorate, make and taste some pumpkin ice cream, and make and bring home your own pumpkin play-dough. Learn about the history of pumpkins and enjoy a pumpkin story.

Secrets, Spies, Sputnik and Huntley

(Adults) Spies, classified research, “Baby Moons,” and that scene from The Americans: take a stroll with us on the less-visited side of the park to uncover the history of espionage and how the Cold War struggle between the US and the USSR shaped Huntley and the Fairfax County we know today. Meets at South King Highway entrance includes a 2.4 mile walk over flat terrain.

Spy Craft

(8-Adult) Explore the lives of the men and women who passed along secrets and information in dangerous times. Try your hand at a little spy craft to take home!

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