Sign Up for Holiday Lights on the Farm through the tickets page. Select 'Frying Pan Park' as the Place, and your desired date of attending the Holiday Tour. The Holiday Light tour is available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until December 19th.

A Very Mason Christmas

(8-Adult) Many of the Christmas traditions we celebrate today began in the 1850s. Join us for a Christmas celebration the Mason family might have enjoyed. Taste a non-alcoholic syllabub, make your own luminary, and create a holiday decoration or small gift to bring home.

African Americans at Walney Walking Tour

(8-Adult) Hear the names and stories of many African American families who lived and worked here at Walney. Learn about slave tenancy, stories of resistance and survival.

Beginning Wood Carving

(16-Adult) Learn the basics of woodcarving from the Northern Virginia Carvers in this three session series hosted by Colvin Run Mill. Session dates are on 1/16, 2/6 and 2/20. A list of recommended supplies and sources will be sent in advance. There is an additional $60 supply fee for this program.

Build It - Make It

(7- 12 yrs.) Working with your hands has long been a way of life for many people. Using modern tools, explore your creativity while building or making items used from history. Learn about the tools to use and how to use them properly like how to measure so you only cut once. Sewing, painting, cutting and assembling are some of the processes that may be required in creating your historic product. Attendees will take home whatever they build or make.

Chinese Teas in Celebration of the Lunar New Year

(16-Adult) Known as the birthplace of tea, China produces every style of tea - white, green, yellow, oolong, black and dark. Learn how each of these unique styles can be produced from the same plant and taste the difference! Teah infused treats and a take home tea sampler included. With Certified Tea Specialist Chef Laurie Bell of Great Falls Tea Garden.

Colonial Life for Homeschool

(6-12 yrs.) Did you know that Huntley Meadows Park was once part of George Mason's holdings? Discover this forgotten Founding Father as you make your own candle, design your own stencil to mark crops, write with a quill pen and decide the future of the Virginia colony.

Colvin Run Book Club

(16-Adult) Enjoy tucking into a Jane Austen novel. Join us at Colvin Run Mill as we explore three of Austen's most popular novels. In January, we will read Pride and Prejudice; in February – Emma, and in March – Sense and Sensibility. Meet in the Education Center to enjoy conversation and light refreshments. Please bring your own book.

Drill like a Solider

(6-Adult) Our Continental Army, formed in 1775, was created from colonial volunteers. Farmers and tradespeople learned to follow directions, march and fight as one unit. Join us as we practice drilling and talk about the Army's struggles and successes around the campfire.

Enslaved Lives and the Legacy of Slavery

(Adults) Join a historian for a tour of Huntley that examines the relationship of the Mason family to slavery and recovers insights into the lives of the Humphrey family and other enslaved people whose labor maintained Mason wealth and social status.

Epidemics of the Past

(14-Adult) Disease has always shaped our history. Enjoy a healthy stroll up to a lovely view while we uncover why the Masons built a summer home upon a hill and how epidemics of the past shaped the society we live in today.

Exploring Teas - Advanced Workshop

(16-Adult) Test your taste buds and tea knowledge as we taste a selection of teas "blind" in this fun and informative seminar. An exploration into unique teas- by process, terroir, and/or scarcity. For those who have attended past basic tea seminars. Tea infused treats and a take home tea sampler included. Led by Certified Tea Specialist Laurie Bell of Great Falls Tea Garden.

Family Hilltop Outing

(5-Adult) Join us for a family friendly tour of Historic Huntley high upon a hill. What significance does this villa have to one of our founding fathers? Can you hold a block of ice with just one finger? Challenge yourself using historical tools like ice tongs and see if you can master old timey children's games. Hop back in time with us to discover life of days past. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

Games at Walney

(5-Adult) How did people in the 19th century entertain themselves when the weather was cold? Join us for an afternoon of historic games for children and adults. Participants end a fun afternoon of play by making their own historical toy to take home.

History Tots- Winter

(1-3 yrs.)Bring your toddler to explore history, through sight, sound, smell and touch. Seasonal program includes indoor and outdoor activities. Adults must be able to participate with children. Topics vary with seasons: January- Toys, February-Love.

History Tots-Fall

(2-3 yrs.) Bring your toddler to explore history through sight, sound, smell and touch. Program includes indoor and outdoor activities. Adults must be able to participate with children. Topics vary with seasons: Sept-Apples, Oct-Pumpkins, Nov-Pilgrims, and Dec-Warmth.

Holiday Concert – IONA

(5-Adult) One of the top-rated pan-Celtic groups in the world treats its audience to high energy entertainment featuring Scottish fiddling, percussion, and vocals. Refreshments served in the 18th century kitchen. Limited seating.

Holidays at Walney Farm

(4-Adult) Celebrate the winter holidays with the families that lived at Walney Farm. Take a holiday food walk, learning about preservation for the new year and meals for the holiday. Create a historic holiday ornament, play historic games and enjoy treats and cider around the campfire.

Lunch and Learn - Black History Month

(9-Adult) When Carter G. Woodson established Negro History Week in 1926, he wanted schools and other organizations to study black history. The week of recognition has since grown to Black History Month. In honor of this month, learn about the enslaved people who made Sully their home during the 18th century. This program includes a visual presentation and hands-on elements. Bring your lunch and your questions, as discussion is welcome.

Making Ice & Ice Cream at Walney

(4-Adult) Crank ice cream as you discover how ice was harvested and stored in this 19th century farm. Try using ice tongs. Children must be accompanied registered adult.

Making Rope

(5-Adult) Ever wonder how rope was made in the 1800's? Experience the challenges people faced in making a rope that was sturdy enough for their needs. Make a piece of rope from plants found on the property and take it home to compare with today’s rope. Social distancing and face coverings required.

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