Make Room for Turkeys!

(7-Adult) Turkeys are native to the Americas and have been everything from decorative to Thanksgiving centerpiece. They’ve been here for 10 million years but how can you make sure they have a place here for a million more? Find out more about the role of turkeys in different cultures and how important habitat restoration will make room for turkeys!

African Americans at Walney Walking Tour

(8-Adult) Hear the names and stories of many African American families who lived and worked here at Walney. Learn about slave tenancy, stories of resistance and survival.

Drill like a Soldier

(6-Adult) Our Continental Army, formed in 1775, was created from colonial volunteers. Farmers and tradespeople learned to follow directions, march and fight as one unit. Join us as we practice drilling and talk about the Army's struggles and successes around the campfire.

History Tots-Fall

(2-3 yrs.) Bring your toddler to explore history through sight, sound, smell and touch. Program includes indoor and outdoor activities. Adults must be able to participate with children. Topics vary with seasons: Sept-Apples, Oct-Pumpkins, Nov-Native Americans, and Dec-Warmth.

Mill Race Tour

(8-Adult) Cabell’s Mill has changed over its 250 years. As we tour Cabell’s Mill we will discuss its function as a mill and in the community, how its function has changed over time and examine its history through photography.

Spy Craft

(7-Adult) Explore the lives of the men and women during the Revolutionary War who passed along secrets and information and the technology they used in dangerous times. Try your hand at a little spy craft to take home!

Spy Walk

(12-Adult) Join us for a spell-binding tale of espionage and secret payments. We will walk and talk about a spy who used Fairfax County parks as a drop off locations with Russia through 2001. Program meets at Cabell's Mill.

Women of Walney Walking Tour

(12-Adult) From the Brown family in the 1740s until Ellanor C. Lawrence in the 1970s, women have defined the Park's cultural and natural history. Hike around Ellanor C. Lawrence Park, learning about the women whose lives and work helped shape our land. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

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