Adventure Scavenger Hunt

(4-Adult) Join us to learn about different aspects of nature and history and go on the hunt for themed objects around the park and in the historic house. All attendees, including parents, must be registered for the program.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

(5-Adult) Parents and children sip tea, enjoy butterfly-shaped sandwiches and join the crazy fun of Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter and his friends at the strangest of tea parties. Meet a live creature from the story. Children must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program.

All About Bats Campfire

(4-Adult) Several bat species flit in the Virginia sky. Look for them as we head to our campfire where you learn fun bat facts and lore plus enjoy an American Indian story of how bats got their wings. Toast marshmallows over the embers. Cancelled in case of inclement weather. Minimum age to attend program is 4 yrs. Children must attend with an adult and all attendees must register.

All About Owls Campfire

(4-Adult) Barred owls inhabit our stream valley parks. Learn to identify these owls from other native owls while enjoying the campfire. Toast marshmallows over the embers. Canceled in case of inclement weather. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

All Things Frozen Tea Party

(4-Adult) Being frozen can be fun! Join the naturalist as she shares stories about animals that enjoy being chilly including penguins and polar bears plus others that just figure out a way to get through the cold. Come dressed as your favorite frozen friend. Enjoy a sit down tea with china cups, treats and snow crafts. Contact the nature center one week prior with any dietary restrictions. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult registered in this program.

Amazing Amphibians

(6-Adult) Come join us at Cub Run Rec Center and explore vernal pools, the woods, and the creek for our native amazing amphibians.

Amphibian Disco Sketch Hike

(12-Adult) It's a party out there! Come learn about how Huntley's amorous amphibians are shaking up the Spring wetland. We will start with a short lesson on amphibian biology and basic drawing skills then hit the boardwalk to sketch the frogs, toads and salamanders that make the park so much noisy fun. A field art kit is included in the registration fee thanks to support provided by RunningBrooke.

Amphibians After Dark

(7-Adult) Assist park naturalists with a calling amphibian survey. Learn how to identify frogs and toads by their calls as we explore pools and ponds. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

Animal Adaptations

(4-Adult) Many animals have unusual physical and behavioral adaptations that enable them to get a meal or to keep from being a meal. Compare and contrast the adaptations of deer, owls, squirrels and turtles in this variation on a popular school field trip. Registration required for children and adults. Program is outdoors.

Animal Feeding

(3-Adult) It's dinner time at the nature center and worms and insects are on the menu. Help our naturalist care for and feed the nature center's animals.

Animal Habitat Hunt & Explore

(3-Adult) Meet at the woodland wildlife tree sculpture to join a guided hike to find where animals really live in the woodland. Meet live animals and find out how the forest is a habitat for many creatures. Registration required for children and adults.

Animal Moms & Babies

(4-Adult) Spring is the time for many animals to give birth and raise young. Meet some young animals and discover how wild creatures grow and develop in our woodlands. Some of the wild ways will surprise and some may disgust but they work for our wild neighbors. Program is outdoors. Registration required for children and adults.

Animal Pajama Party

(3-7 yrs.) Put on your pajamas and come to the nature center to hear bedtime stories, meet animals and wish goodnight to the center's live animals. Bring your favorite stuffed animal with you. One adult only per registered child.

Animal Sounds

(3-6 yrs.) Do frogs really say "ribbit" and birds call "tweet"? Learn the real sounds of local species and see how good you are at recognizing animal calls. Why is wildlife so noisy in the spring? Outdoor program. Only one adult per registered child may attend.

Are You Going to Eat That?

(10-Adult) Enjoy a naturalist-led hike and identify plants that are safe to eat and which ones to avoid. Learn the usefulness of plants for such rope making and folk remedies with connections to Eastern Woodland Indians. Meets at the pond.

Astronomy for Family Fun-Planets

(5-Adult) What is out there rotating around our sun? Learn about the planets, moons and their effect on us and the rest of the solar system. Learn how your family can enjoy investigating the universe together. Children must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program.

Bat Night

(6-Adult) Join a naturalist to discover the facts, fiction and folklore about nature’s only true flying mammal, bats! We will set the record straight about these incredible but often-misunderstood group of animals. The program will start with a presentation followed by a night walk where we will use a special acoustic device to listen for and identify bat calls not heard with the human ear.

Bats - Friendly Flyers

(4-Adult) Come join naturalists at for a night of discussing the beauty of our local bats. It's time to clear these flying mammals' good name and understand how helpful they are to humans. The program will involve not only talking about bats, but also looking and listening for nearby bats as well. You'll be sure to learn a lot by hanging out!

Bats Class

(7-Adult) Walk the meadows and forest edges to see bats feeding on insects. Use a bat detector to hear echolocation. Learn about our native bats and their habits. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

Bears in our Backyard Campfire

(4-Adult) Have you seen a bear in Fairfax County? Identify bear habitat, life cycles, sights and sounds and learn to be a good bear neighbor. This program concludes with a s'mores campfire.

Beginning Birdwatching & More

(4-Adult) Borrow sanitized child or adult binoculars for a view of outdoor bird feeding stations. Learn identification tips by sight and sound. Learn how to make your yard more attractive to preferred species. Registration required for children and adults.

Birds Teach the Physics of Flight

(7-Adult) Explore the physics of flight that birds have mastered. Experiment with wing shapes and designs that provide advantages for birds to migrate, hunt, and survive in varied habitats. Get hands-on investigation time with real feathers of different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs.

Bluebells and Bloodroots

(Adults) Meet at Visitor Center. Learn to identify Riverbend's beautiful spring ephemerals, and discover the folklore that has grown up around them, as we walk along the banks of the Potomac River. Canceled if rain.

Build Your Own Butterfly Garden

(5-Adult) Do you want to attract beautiful butterflies to your lawn? Examine ECLP's butterfly garden and learn how the plants selected nourish and feed butterflies. Then, plant seeds that you can take home and transplant into your own butterfly garden.

Butterfly Sketch Hike

(12-Adult) Join park naturalist and artist Margaret Wohler for a hike focusing on butterflies and learn sketching techniques to enhance your observation skills.

Campfire Fridays

(3-Adult) Join us for an evening campfire the whole family can enjoy. During the program we will explore the wonders of our natural world. Our programs may include nature walks, interactive activities, animal presentations, or other opportunities to learn about nature and our place in it. Includes S’mores. Topics vary by date. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

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