All About Owls Campfire

(4-Adult) Barred owls inhabit our stream valley parks. Learn to identify these owls from other native owls while enjoying the campfire. Toast marshmallows over the embers. Canceled in case of inclement weather. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult

American Indian Games & Crafts

(4-Adult) Play traditional Eastern Woodland Indian games of skill and luck which were common during the period of first European contact. Enjoy oral storytelling. Make a game to take home. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

Ancient Plants Sketch Hike

(13-Adult) Huntley’s forests are home to certain plants whose ancestors have been with us since dinosaur times. Join artist and naturalist, Margaret Wohler, to learn about and sketch the ferns, moss and their allies on a 1.5 mile walk (flat terrain) while keeping a complimentary field sketch book and all drawing materials included, courtesy of the RunningBrooke Fund.

Animal Crackers and Me

(3-8 yrs.) What if your animal cracker cookies came alive? What if you could become a squirrel or a bird, which would you choose? Learn about animal adaptations while you munch on cookies and lemonade. Enjoy a story, craft and trail activity along a short hike.

Animal Dads

(2-6 yrs.) Pretend to be a penguin, wolf and beaver dad as you learn about these doting fathers. Meet live animals and make a craft for your favorite father/grandfather. Child must be accompanied by an adult.

Animal Habitat Hunt & Explore

(3-Adult) Meet at the woodland wildlife tree sculpture to join a guided hike to find where animals really live in the woodland. Meet live animals and find out how the forest is a habitat for many creatures. Registration required for children and adults.

Animal Sounds

(3-6 yrs.) Do frogs really say "ribbit" and birds call "tweet"? Learn the real sounds of local species and see how good you are at recognizing animal calls. Why is wildlife so noisy in the spring? Outdoor program. Only one adult per registered child may attend.

Animals Underground

(2-5 yrs.) Dig down deep and investigate who lives in the dark, damp world under the forest floor as we learn about moles, earthworms, termites and the many other creatures of the soil. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Are You Going to Eat That?

(10-Adult) Enjoy a naturalist-led hike and identify plants that are safe to eat and which ones to avoid. Other helpful plants are identified for uses such as rope making and folk remedies with connections to Eastern Woodland Indians. Wear sturdy shoes for walking, meets at the pond.

Babes in Backpacks

(18-Adult) Tuck your baby into a front or back carrier and hike the 1/3- mile Old Oak Trail with a naturalist. Learn how daily outdoor walk and direct nature engagement helps your child develop physically, mentally and emotionally. Find out ways to safely introduce your baby to appreciate the many joys of nature. The trails are not stroller accessible.

Bat Fest and Find Campfire

(4-Adult) Join a naturalist for a night hike to search for bats with a sonar detector and learn about bat adaptations. Bat crafts for the children while adults learn more about white nose syndrome updates and local bat species. End the night with a campfire, s'mores and the legend of how bats came to be. Children must be accompanied by an adult who is also registered in this program. Not appropriate for children under the age of 4 yrs.

Bat Night

(6-Adult) Join a naturalist to discover the facts, fiction and folklore about nature’s only true flying mammal, bats! We will set the record straight about these incredible but often-misunderstood group of animals. The program will start with a presentation followed by a night walk where we will use a special acoustic device to listen for and identify bat calls not heard with the human ear.

Bats Class

(7-Adult) Walk the meadows and forest edges to see bats feeding on insects. Use a bat detector to hear echolocation. Learn about our native bats and their habits. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

Bees Please

(6-Adult) Hike with a naturalist to explore the different types of bees that buzz around the meadow. Supporting Earth Day's theme "Restore our Earth".

Beginning Birdwatching & More

(4-Adult) Borrow sanitized child or adult binoculars for a view of outdoor bird feeding stations. Learn identification tips by sight and sound. Learn how to make your yard more attractive to preferred species. Registration required for children and adults.

Birds Around Us

(4-Adult) Beaks, feathers, nests and talons are examined to explore the avian world that surrounds us. Find out about bird life cycles, migration patterns and adaptations that make these creatures fascinating. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

Bluetiful Birds

(8-Adult) View nesting Bluebirds in their boxes at Walney as they feed their young. Hear the story of their recovery and how you can attract them to your yard with a take home craft.

Botany Walk

(8-Adult) Take a walk to explore the plants of Ellanor C. Lawrence Park. Each week will emphasize a different topic: Wild flowers; trees; ferns; mosses; grasses, sedges, and rushes; plants at the pond; plants in the meadow.

Butterfly Playground Hunt

(3-7 yrs.) Celebrate the wonders of butterflies with a monarch butterfly egg hunt plus a meet and greet of monarch caterpillars and butterflies. Meet at the Annandale picnic shelter before collecting pretend eggs in the playground. Enjoy an obstacle course of butterfly metamorphosis. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Campfire Fridays

(3-Adult) Join us for an evening campfire the whole family can enjoy. During the program we will explore the wonders of our natural world. Our programs may include nature walks, interactive activities, animal presentations, or other opportunities to learn about nature and our place in it. Includes S’mores. Topics vary by date. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

Campfire Night Hike - Predators at Night

(4-Adult) Enjoy a night hike to learn about nocturnal hunters. Listen to taped calls of owls and coyotes and catch a glimpse of them in the forest. End the evening with s'mores round the campfire. Children must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program.

Campfire Saturdays-Stargazing (3-Adult)

(3-Adult) Enjoy a stroll along the lake shores and learn about the constellations, their stories and other night-sky features. Our astronomical naturalist identifies the stars for you and will have some telescopes for you to use. The program concludes with a campfire. S'mores ingredients provided; hot dogs welcome. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

Catch a Critter!

(4-Adult) Grab a net and join us for a special day with a park scientist to see, touch, and study wetland creatures up close and personal. Use magnifying lenses to study their unique characteristics. What critters live in the wetland? What can these little animals tell us about their home? This rare opportunity to dip-net in the wetland is possible through the guidance of our park naturalists.

Cicada Mania

(4-Adult) Brood X will take center stage as periodical cicadas emerge from their 17-year underground hideaways. One of nature’s marvels will happen literally before our eyes and under our feet. Learn fun facts about these wonders and how by sheer volume these creatures successfully navigate their metamorphosis from life underground to clumsy treetop fliers. Since they will be hard to avoid, educate yourself about these harmless natural tree pruners! Craft for children.

Cicada Sketch Hike

(12-Adult) What's that noise? It's millions of Brood X cicadas partying in the trees at the world's biggest insect disco! Join local artist and naturalist Margaret Wohler to learn about their life cycle and anatomy through drawing. Meet in the Outdoor Classroom for basic biology and drawing instruction and then hike to see the cicadas and sketch. Includes a complimentary field sketch book and art supplies. Children must be accompanied by registered adult.

Cicadas Around Us!

(4-Adult) For 17 long years, their lives have been spent in peaceful, silent mystery underground. As spring comes, they will leave their tree roots and burrow upward, preparing for their brief moment in the sun. This May and June, they will emerge by the millions, overwhelming our ears and the appetites of predators. Come explore one of the wonders of nature as we investigate the lives of the periodical cicadas.

Classification of Animals

(Grade 5) Parks provide an experience not easily duplicated in the classroom. Our new “Field Trips for All” programs offer parents a unique opportunity to supplement their child’s science learning with real outdoor experiences and application of the concepts required in the Virginia standards of learning. Experiences vary by park resources. This program is geared by grade level to provide enrichment to all learners including homeschool. Registration is limited to allow for social distancing. Groups of more than 8 should consider booking a field trip directly with a park by visiting the park’s web site. All attendees, parents and students, must register to control group size.

Colors of the Forest

(7-Adult) Fall foliage is a sight to behold, but why do leaves turn colors? Get into the science of it. Hike through the park with a naturalist to find out what else is falling from the trees.

Copperheads and Black Racers

(8-Adult) Assist a naturalist with a reptile survey. We search for, capture, identify and release snakes. Learn habits and preferred habitats of our native snakes. Children must be accompanied by an adult registered in the program.

Corn Grinding & Clay Pottery

(4-Adult) How did the Powhatan Native Americans use the plants and animals you see every day for their medicine, grocery store, clothing and fun? Immerse yourself in a way of life 400 years ago. Grind corn, make a clay pot, master corn darts and go on a guided tour to see the park from the perspective of a Virginia Indian.

Creek Adventure Wagon Ride

(2-Adult) Explore Rocky Run Stream Valley by wagon and by stepping into learn about the creatures that live in the stream.

Critter Crawl

(2-6 yrs.) Walk with a naturalist and your child as we investigate the critters who make this park their home. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Dinosaur Explore

(4-5 yrs.) Dig deeper into dinosaurs in this 2-day program for preschoolers. Your junior paleontologist will enjoy stories, activities, crafts, and hikes focused on these amazingly diverse creatures of the Mesozoic Era. Learn about dinosaur fossils, feathers, food, friends and more! Compare and contrast today’s creatures with these prehistoric wonders. This program is held outside with limited attendance.


(Adults) Learn about the life cycle, behavior and identification of Huntley's many dragonflies and damselflies. Venture to the wetland to observe these acrobatic fliers in action. Canceled if rain.

Duck, Duck, Goose

(2-5 yrs.) Waddle on over to learn about our feathered friends. Honk like a goose, quack like a duck and find Mrs. Goose's lost eggs. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Dye It Up!

(5-Adult) Learn to make and use natural dyes to transform your boring white shirts into colorful masterpieces. Please bring your own white t-shirt or other white fabric to the class.

Family Fun Campfire

(All Ages) Join a naturalist for a private nature hike exploring the survival skills of our park’s evening residents. Finish around a campfire toasting marshmallows. 

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