Catch a Critter!

(4-Adult) Grab a net and join us for a special day with a park scientist to see, touch, and study wetland creatures up close and personal. Use magnifying lenses to study their unique characteristics. This rare opportunity to dip-net in the wetland is possible through the guidance of our park naturalists.

Corn Grinding & Clay Pottery

(4-Adult) How did the Powhatan Native Americans use the plants and animals you see every day for their medicine, grocery store, clothing and fun? Immerse yourself in a way of life 400 years ago. Grind corn, make a clay pot, master corn darts and go on a guided tour to see the park from the perspective of a Virginia Indian.

Geminid Meteor Shower & Cocoa

(5-Adult) Have you ever seen a shooting star? Join park naturalists for a special opportunity to be in the park after dark and delight in the magic of the geminid meteor shower. Peer through the telescope and enjoy an astronomy talk with a park naturalist. Bring a yoga mat or blanket and find a comfortable spot on the boardwalk to gaze at the night sky while you sip hot cocoa. Bundle up and space out with us on this crisp winter evening.

Homeschool Wilderness Skills-Winter (7-12 yrs)

(7-12 yrs) Join a Park Naturalist to learn how to survive in nature’s most challenging season. Learn skills humans use to stay safe and warm like preparing a winter survival kit, avoiding getting lost, building a fire in wet conditions and keeping a healthy mindset when faced with a challenge. Any supply fee payable to instructor at first class.

Hot Cocoa Wetland Night Hike

(4-Adult) Sip hot cocoa and join a naturalist for a special winter wonder wetland tour after dark. We will look for signs and listen for sounds of beavers, owls, deer and other nocturnal winter animals. Participants are encouraged to bring their own mug to help us reduce waste. Children must be accompanied by registered adult.

National Bird Day & Bagels

(16-Adult) Celebrate National Bird Day and join a Park Naturalist to assist with the Christmas Bird Count by learning how to identify different bird species found in the forest and wetland habitats. How many different species can we find? We will tally our findings and end the program with complementary bagels and coffee.`

Poetry in Nature Sketch Hike

(10-Adult) Come enjoy a little creative time in the wild through poetry and drawing outdoors! Join naturalist and artist Margaret Wohler as we combine writing exercises and basic drawing skills to create a field page filled with images and words describing the Huntley wetlands and woods. Families are welcome! All drawing materials will be provided. 

Twilight Boardwalk Stroll

(6-Adult) Join a park naturalist for a guided walk along the forested paths to the wetland and experience the park as it transitions from day into night. Watch and listen for nocturnal residents such as beavers and owls.

Wetland at Dusk Walk

(Adults) Join park naturalists for a relaxing stroll through the park's forest and wetland paths. Look and listen for wildlife settling down or waking up during the transition of day to night.

Wildlife Walk at Huntley Meadows

(4-Adult) Enjoy a naturalist guided walk through the forested trails and wetland boardwalk. Look and listen for seasonally active wildlife like birds, frogs, turtles, dragonflies and muskrats. Touch biofacts like turtle shells and snakeskin. Each season brings different wildlife into view. Children must be accompanied by registered adult.

Winter Solstice Evening Walk

(5-Adult) Celebrate the first day of winter and shortest day of the year with a Park Naturalist for an outing into the forest and wetland at sunset on this December evening. We will look and listen for signs of nocturnal wildlife.

World Wetlands Day Sketch Hike

(10-Adult) Celebrate World Wetlands Day by joining park naturalist and artist Margaret Wohler on a hike to learn about the vital role wetlands play while identifying plants and animals. Learn drawing techniques to enhance your wetland observation skills. Drawing supplies included.

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