Birding for Beginners (12-Adult)

(12-Adult) Interested in birding? We can get you started. Learn about the park's birds and some basic identification skills. Program begins with a bird identification discussion. Children age 12 to 16 must be accompanied by a registered adult.

Campfire Cooking

(5-adult) Join a naturalist and learn about the different ways of cooking between the trees. Stay for a demonstration of different campfire cooking styles.

Family Campout at the Lake

(5-Adult) Have you tried camping? This event is perfect for beginners and families. Arrive in the afternoon and set up your tent, then follow a Naturalist on a hike to the lake. Later join us for a Campfire Cooking Class. Wake up Sunday morning for a Family Fishing class!

Family Fishing at Sunset

(4-Adult) Supper time? Fish like to come up to eat when the water cools after a hot day. Join us for a beginning fishing lesson that might end up as a Fish Dinner! Fishing License required.

Nature Kayaking (12-Adult)

(12-Adult) Paddle with a naturalist to learn about the flora and fauna that call the lake it's home. Find out what’s growing along the lake’s edge, who likes to wade in the water, and what might be swimming underneath you right now.

Summer Fun - Hot dogs, Train Ride and Campfire

(3-Adult) Delight in the best of Summer! Ride on our Mini- Replica Central Pacific Huntington Steam Engine and learn about the colorful history of Virginia railroads. Then, relax by a campfire as you roast hotdogs.

Twilight by Kayak - Perseid Meteor Shower

(12-Adult) You can see so many stars from the lake! Catch a glimpse of the Perseid Meteor Shower as it begins at Dusk. A Naturalist will guide you as you paddle across the lake.

Twilight by Kayak (12-Adult)

(12-Adult) Watch the sunset on the lake as the wildlife settles in for the night, then return to the dock by the light of the moon. Single kayaks and all equipment provided.

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