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Exploring the Moon (8-Adult)

(8-Adult) The Moon is as old as the Earth, and its surface is marked by craters and lava flows billions of years old. Explore these lunar features through a high-powered telescope and learn about their origins. See where the Apollo lunar landings occurred, and discuss what the astronauts found. Class meets rain or shine with alternate viewing sessions available for cloudy days. Advance registration required, no walk-in registration available.

Introduction to Astronomy (8-Adult)

(8-Adult) Do you wonder where our calendar and the days of the week came from? Why are days 24 hours long? This class covers these questions and others in the light of what astronomy had to do with them. We explore the basic types of astronomical objects from the smallest to the largest and their motions through the universe. The course will be held in the roll-top observatory at Turner Farm Park with an observing session weather permitting.

Nebulas, Star Clusters & Galaxies, Oh My! 8+

(8-Adult) We are familiar with the stars and planets that we can see when the Sun sets. However, the night sky contains many wonders that are visible with binoculars or modest telescopes. This fun and interactive presentation is designed as an introduction to the most common of these astronomical “deep sky” objects. After the class, look through the telescopes in the observatory (weather permitting). The course is held rain or clear skies in the Roll-Top Observatory.

Origin of our Universe - The Big Bang 8+

(8-Adult) We all want to know how our universe began, how stars and galaxies evolved, and what is this stuff called dark matter and dark energy. In this seminar we'll look at what astronomers try to answer these big questions about the big bang. We'll also look at some of the astronomers and what their observations revealed. The course will be held in the Roll-Top observatory at Turner Farm Park with an optional observing session (weather dependent).

Rainbows, Haloes & Glories (6-Adult)

(6-Adult) Covers common and some uncommon phenomena people can see in the day or night skies such as rainbows, haloes and glories. We will cover sunrise and sunset phenomena like the green flash, the purple light, and simple questions like why the sky is blue and sunsets are orange. This course will teach people how to better appreciate the sky both day and night. The course is held rain or clear skies in the Roll-Top observatory classroom at Turner Farm Park. It is recommend parents accompany younger children. Advance registration required, no walk-in registration available.

Topics in Astronomy at the Roll-Top Observatory

(8-Adult) Explore everything from space missions to planets, stars, and galaxies with a different monthly topic at The Roll-Top observatory at Turner Farm Park. The topic presentations are for the general public and do not require any specific knowledge of astronomy. Classroom discussion is followed by an observing session with telescopes, weather permitting. Check the Analemma Society website for the monthly topics (www.analemma.org).

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