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The Fairfax County Park Authority offers a variety of activities such as classes, camps and tours in a wide variety of categories including aquatics, fitness, nature, dance, outdoor recreation, performing arts, history and many more. Special events, trips/tours and specialty workshops are listed in Parktakes, the Park Authority’s quarterly guide, available through free subscription to county citizens. .

Bridge I (13-Adult)

Designed for beginning players and for students who would like to improve. Stresses bidding and basic defense. This course provides an excellent brush-up for players returning to the game. ~

Bridge II (13-Adult)

Further develop your defensive bridge skills. Designed for students with bridge knowledge. Learn to be offensive on defense. Sessions include a review of basic Standard American Bidding System. ~

Bridge IV (13-Adult)

This course is the back of the Standard Yellow Card, with particular emphasis on bidding hands with two suits in competition.

Brush-Up Bridge (13-Adult)

Not for beginners. Must be playing bridge and want to update your skills. Modern Standard American opening bids and responses are emphasized. After demonstration hands, class shuffles and deals. ~

Business of Sports (9-13 yrs)

In this class offered by SPARK Business Academy future team general managers learn the business side of various sports and analyze a different sports money topic each class including the financial side of professional sports leagues, endorsements, sports stats college sports and more.

Chess (6-14 yrs)

Class time is evenly split between lesson and play. Lessons range from learning the rules to advanced tournament strategies. Play time is structured to pair each student against an opponent of similar skill. Any supply fee payable to instructor at first class.

Cooking around The World (6-10 yrs)

In this class offered by Tiny Chefs students learn how to create the cuisines of multiple countries. Cook up the fabulous flavors while learning some of the cooking techniques and ingredients which make them unique. Not recommended for children with food allergies. Supply fee of $15 payable at first class.

Etiquette for Kids/Tweens (6-13 yrs)

In this class offered by Steppin' Out, students learn the power and importance of good manners, the basics of poise, dressing to impress and more. Classes include topics on manners at home and in public, introductions, friendships and table settings. Classes are interactive, and there are opportunities for skills practice. Class includes a snack. Supply fee of $10 payable to instructor at first class.

From Problem to Product by SheEO 8-15

Be a SheEO, a girl in charge, and be a SheRO in your community. A healthy community is built with healthy businesses, products and services. Social entrepreneurs help their community through effective team building, problem solving, community awareness, personal responsibility and ethics. A SheEO has a healthy relationship with money as a necessary business resource. Any supply fee payable at first class.

Genealogy-DNA the Basics (13-Adult)

DNA testing is a powerful tool in genealogical research. Learn what the different DNA tests are and how they can be useful. This basic course illustrates these tests with examples from speaker's experience. Any supply fee payable to instructor at class.

Genealogy-Exploring ScotlandsPeople

ScotlandsPeople is a valuable website for doing Scottish research. This website contains images of vital records, census records and more images that can be found in no other place. Learn hints that can help you use this website.

Genealogy-Family Search Database (Adult)

FamilySearch is a free worldwide database that is rapidly growing, adding thousands of records weekly. Some records are only available on this website which includes an extensive wiki that is a very useful source of information. Learn what is and is not available, and how to best use this site.

Genealogy-Getting Started (Adults)

This first course on genealogy is for the beginner and covers what to do to get started, how to organize your results and how to build up your genealogy. Useful websites and other resources are presented.

Genealogy-Scots/Irish Research (Adults)

Learn how to trace your Scots-Irish (Ulster-Scots) ancestors. These ancestors are not a mixture of Scots and Irish, but Scots who lived in Ireland. However, not all of these Scotts are Scots-Irish. Learn who the Scots-Irish are and are not. Lecture covers research via the internet and other research avenues on this highly mobile group.

Genealogy-Scottish Research via Internet

(Adults) Learn about websites that can be useful in your research of your Scottish ancestors. These websites contain databases, indexes and images of records as well as valuable background and other information useful to your Scottish research. Any supply fee payable to instructor at class.

Girlpreneurship by SheEO (8-15 yrs)

It may be a SheEO, a girl in charge, who creates the next, great thing. In today's marketplace, women need an entrepreneurial mindset, possibly as an “intrapreneur.” Activities include idea development, creative writing, designing, goal setting and business planning. Dare to DREAM of an idea that has value as a product or service. $5 supply fee payable at first class.

Junior Chefs (6-9 yrs)

Experiment with a variety of cooking techniques while creating an array of savory and sweet dishes. Additional supply fee payable to the instructor at first class.

My First Lemonade Stand (6-8 yrs)

In this class offered by SPARK Business Academy, students are introduced to entrepreneurship with focus on marketing, finance, operations and strategy. Students design marketing flyers, estimate profits, experiment with recipes and launch their lemonade stand during our last class.

She Handles Her Money by SheEO (8-15 yrs)

A girl can not BE A SheEO, a girl in charge, if she does not understand the basic economic principles of supply, demand, production and consumption. Girls learn these basic concepts using girl-friendly themes for dialogue and exploration, as well as hands-on activities in an interactive environment. $5 supply fee payable at first class.

Sitter Sessions (9-14 yrs)

Class introduces youngsters to the many challenges of babysitting and provides a great foundation for future babysitters.

Stock Market Aces (9-13 yrs)

In this class offered by Spark Business Academy, students learn how investors make and lose money in the stock market. They also learn how to start investing at a young age the tools needed to face future investment decisions with confidence. Students work in teams and use a stock-trading simulation tool to select a $10,000 stock portfolio. They learn about asset allocation, portfolio diversification and stock indices. Games and hands-on activities allow students to internalize new concepts and reinforce practical math skills. Any supply fee payable to instructor at first class.