Mill in Motion

(All Ages) We're running the mill like it’s 1811 when the mill was first operating. Come see one of the country's remaining examples of early American mass production. Learn why Oliver Evans' plans for an automated mill received one of the first US patents and revolutionized food production in the young country. After you explore the mill, visit the 19th century Miller's House exhibit and stop in the Colvin Run General Store to purchase grain ground at the mill.

Historic Crafts and Trades

(5-Adult) Discover nineteenth century crafts and trades and see demonstrations by craftspeople of today. In the 1800s, people depended on experts who hand-crafted the goods they needed. Some of these crafts and trades are practiced by contemporary artisans. Demonstrations may include basketweaving, wood carving, broom making, spinning and dyeing, distilling and cider making. Make time to see our historic mill in motion, powered by the water of Colvin Run. You can also visit the general store and explore the miller’s house exhibit.

The War of 1812 and the Homefront

(All Ages) Discover how communities like Colvin Run supported the young US Navy during the War of 1812. Learn how farmers and millers fed the sailors at sea. Meet members of Ship's Company, a War of 1812 reenactors' group, and hear stories about life at sea. Examine their navigation tools, see their uniforms and discover what they ate. Make time to see the historic mill in motion, visit the miller's house and stop in the general store.

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