Historic Huntley House Tour

(All Ages) Discover a view for all time during a tour of Historic Huntley. The view from Huntley is not singular, here we have many vistas, voices, and stories. Many of these stories reflect the American quest for freedom. The tour includes the unfurnished late Federal style 1825 villa, farm out-buildings, stories from the Huntley community, and an unparalleled view of the Hybla Valley. The short walk to the villa proceeds up a steep hill, an ADA compliant cart is available on request (please contact us in advance!). Private tours are available upon request. Please contact the site for details.

Art & Architecture at Huntley

(All Ages) Join us at Historic Huntley for a celebration of arts and architecture in conjunction with the Northern Virginia chapter of the American Institute of Architects’ Architecture Month. From 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., enjoy free tours of Historic Huntley and watch artists at work creating paintings “en plein air” (outdoors). Sign up the kids or the whole family for a 2:00 p.m. ice cream making program ($10 per person). At 3:00 p.m. attend a free reception for the artists whose paintings of the day will be available for viewing and sale. Preregistration for the 2:00 p.m. ice cream program is required and may be completed through Parktakes online. Admission to the grounds, site tours, and reception attendance are free and do not require registration.

Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge

This program satisfies most of the requirements to earn the Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge. Visit the site's website for pre-work and information.

Civil War at Huntley - Division and Endurance

(16-Adult) Fairfax was as divided as the nation in 1861. Yet these divisions help to explain how Huntley endured the war. This program will examine Huntley through the Civil War through the experiences of the Mason family, their neighbors, and an occupying army. Includes a tour of Historic Huntley.

Cooking & Crafts Camp (8-12 yrs)

Creatively experience history through simple recipes, heritage crafts and games. Make food the way great grandma did, hand crank home-made ice cream, churn your own delicious butter and cook over a fire to make biscuits and other yummy snacks. Learn how to make paper, candles and how to weave. Prepare foods from our history to enjoy with lunch and be entertained with historical games and crafts. No camp June 19. Once registered, download camp forms from website.

Family Hilltop Outing

(5-Adult) Join us for a family friendly tour of Historic Huntley high upon a hill. What significance does this villa have to one of our founding fathers? Can you hold a block of ice with just one finger? Challenge yourself using historical tools like ice tongs and see if you can master old timey children's games. Hop back in time with us to discover life of days past. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

Ice Cream at Historic Huntley

(All Ages) Make and enjoy hand-cranked ice cream as Huntley's Harris family may have done. Discover how the histories of ice cream and Huntley follow a similar path from elite luxury to family fare. Ice well and Historic Huntley House tour included.

Mapping the Past for Homeschoolers

(7-13 yrs.) Supplement your historical studies with a fun day of exploring, interpreting and making maps. Try your hand at orienteering, learn about different types of maps from around the world, and take home a personalized map of your life.

Mason Tea

(Adults) Enjoy an afternoon tea circa 1830 much as Betsey Mason would have with the gleam of polished silver and proper tea etiquette. Sample a menu of tasty treats appropriate to the period in an historic setting as you brush up on your tea history. Includes a tour of Historic Huntley.

Mystery Spy Camp (6-9 yrs.)

(6-9 yrs.) Join a top-secret mission to solve mysteries at Historic Huntley. Follow a treasure map to collect clues and decipher coded messages. Engage in fun experiments to extract real DNA, discover the magic of invisible ink, and create your own spy gadgets and treasure maps to challenge your fellow spies. Solve the mystery with outdoor activities, games, experiments and crafts. Once registered, download camp forms from website.

Pioneer Adventure Skills Camp(6-11yr)

Join our naturalist for an outdoor adventure as campers learn about skills the early settlers needed to survive when Virginia was still a frontier country. Exciting challenges are included that develop problem-solving, orienteering and basic wilderness survival skills. Search for gold, dip candles, crank ice cream, and play pioneer games. Once registered, download camp forms from website.

The Art of Calligraphy

(12-Adult) Mary Teichman says, “calligraphy is a great antidote to modern life.” Explore the connection of Huntley’s past residents to the beautiful art of writing. Try your hand at a variety of pens and brushes. Supplies included.

The Women of Historic Huntley

(16-Adult) A society matron, an enslaved wife and mother, a farmer's daughter, a military wife. Historic Huntley has been home to some interesting women and has seen the lives of women change dramatically since the house was built in 1825. See Huntley from a refreshingly different view as we stroll the house and grounds.

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