Homeschool Science - Wetland Ecology

(8-12 yrs.) Learn about the ecology of wetlands and the different factors that interreact with our ecosystems. We will talk about how biotic and abiotic factors play crucial roles in their environment. We will explore how energy flows through the food web and how humans can influence these roles.

Homeschool Science-Wetlands are a Natural Treasure

(6-12 yrs.) What environmental factors need to come together to create a wetland habitat? Join us as we learn about this regionally rare habitat and discuss the importance of wetlands to wildlife and people and how we can protect them. Indoor discussion followed by a guided park tour. We use exploration, observation and lab skills to explore this topic.

Wetlands Awareness Day

(All Ages) Celebrate the significance of Huntley Meadows Park, Fairfax County Park Authority’s premier wetland sanctuary, by discovering the beauty and importance of wetlands during this fun and free event. Bring friends and family to stroll the forested paths and immersive ½ mile boardwalk trail to learn about the plants and animals that live in the park. See live raptors, reptiles and amphibians up close and enjoy interactive displays and activities. Collect a stamp at each station to receive a prize. Rain or shine.

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