Washington Gardener Seed Exchange

(Adults) Washington Gardener Magazine is co-hosting the annual seed exchange at Green Spring Gardens with lectures and a face-to-face seed swap. Bring your extra seeds to swap and leave with a bag full of seeds, new garden friends, and expert planting advice. $15 for verified Friends of Green Spring members and Washington Gardener subscribers; $20 for guests.

Winter Lecture - Garden Oddities

(Adults) Throughout history, gardens have lent themselves to whimsical expression. Join Green Spring historian Debbie Waugh on an exploration of the origins and significance of curious garden features and fads, from plant oddities, garden gnomes and hermits, to follies, stumperies, pink flamingos and more. Hear about eccentric gardeners, past and present, and consider the importance of garden oddities, including some of Green Spring’s fanciful notions.

Winter Lecture - Gardening for Climate Change

(Adults) How might our landscape change in a fast changing climate. Gardens will likely need to become more resilient to extreme weather and a shift in temperature across all seasons. What does this mean for our pallet of native plants and how can our private land be an integral part of conservation across the region? Join Green Spring Head of Horticulture, Adam Bucher for this essential lecture on how climate change is impacting our gardens and natural landscapes.

Winter Lecture - Lotus for Any Garden

(Adults) Lotus hybridization has opened a window of opportunity for every gardener. No longer is a pond needed to have Lotus in the garden. There is a size, shape and color to meet the needs of virtually any vessel that holds water. From tea cups to lake shores Lotus is finding its way everywhere. One of the most largely misunderstood plants, Lotus is one of the easiest plants you will ever grow. Kelly Billing is a lotus grower, water garden consultant, designer, author, speaker, and artist.

Winter Lecture–Journey of a Garden & its Gardener

(Adults) Smithsonian Gardens Horticulturalist Janet Draper has been making garden magic on the National Mall for nearly 3 decades. As she prepares for retirement, she will share with us how horticulture and gardens have changed over that time and the lessons she learned along the way. Enjoy her stories and take in her well-worn wisdom for your own gardening journey.

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