A Matter of Balance (55 yrs.+)

(55 yrs+) This structured group intervention class emphasizes practical strategies to reduce fear of falling and increase activity levels. Students learn to view falling and fear of falling as controllable, set realistic goals to increase activity, change their environment to reduce fall risk factors, and exercise to increase strength and balance. Senior discount does not apply to these lessons.

Aerobics I - Senior (60 yrs+)

(60 yrs+) For the senior who is just returning to exercise or has been recently released from a hospital exercise program. Beginning muscular strengthening exercises with hand weights, easy aerobics and stretching are taught to get you moving safely. ~

Barre Workout (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) This class incorporates ballet exercises, barres and light weights to help you tone and define your muscles. Learn the secrets of dancers for a totally toned body. Barre techniques class highly recommended prior to this program. Socks required. ~

Body Combat (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) This is a high-energy, martial arts-inspired, non-contact workout. Punch, kick and strike your way to fitness! Please bring a water bottle and towel to class.

Body Sculpting (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) A lighter total body workout open to all levels of participants, this class focuses on general muscle conditioning.

BODYPUMP (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) BODYPUMP is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. Challenge all of your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Senior discount does not apply to these lessons. ~

Cardio Kickboxing (13-Adult) by Vendor

(13-Adult) This high-energy cardio class tones your entire body plus teaches you self-defense tactics. No contact required. Bag gloves are recommended.

Chair Fitness - Senior (60 yrs+)

(60 yrs+) Exercises designed to improve and maintain body strength, range of motion and flexibility. Variations are offered for those who wish to stand. Relaxation techniques and light cardio conditioning are included. ~

Chair Yoga (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) This gentle yoga class is for those who are unable to get up and down off the floor or who want the extra support of a chair. Students coordinate breath with movement and perform stretches, relaxation techniques and meditation/concentration exercises while using a chair for support.~

Cycle Spin (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) Ride your way to a stronger, leaner body. This group exercise program using stationary spin bike for a great cardio workout. Please bring a water bottle and towel to class.

Fitness for Seniors (60 yrs+)

(60 yrs+) Class is designed to help students build greater strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance by using weights, bands and low-to moderate-intensity aerobics. ~

Fitness for Women (16-Adult)

(16-Adult) This specialized program delivers a female-friendly fitness makeover.

Free Weight Training (16-Adult)

(16-Adult) Learn proper techniques, safety and stretches to give you a great workout using free weights. This class focuses the upper body.

Gentle Pilates Allegro Reformer 13+

(13-Adult) Pilates lessons on a special apparatus that provides various resistance levels within a full range of motion. These gentle lessons help loosen the joints and spine and create new movement opportunities, balance, and flexibility in a class designed to support the special needs and abilities of the practitioner. Senior discount does not apply to these lessons.

Gentle Yoga (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) Gentle stretches, yoga postures and breathing techniques increase flexibility and strength for those desiring a slower pace. This gentle practice may be suitable for individuals returning from illness or injury or those with physical challenges. ~

Hatha Combo (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) Focus on basic yoga postures. Practice includes varying levels with modifications to postures based on student experience. Please bring a mat and towel to class. ~

Hatha Yoga I (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) Learn basic yoga postures as you gain more strength and flexibility while using different breathing techniques. This class is designed to help improve your posture and bring you relaxation. Please bring a mat and towel to class. ~

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