Animal Adaptations

(4-Adult) Many animals have unusual physical and behavioral adaptations that enable them to get a meal or to keep from being a meal. Compare and contrast the adaptations of deer, owls, squirrels and turtles in this variation on a popular school field trip. Registration required for children and adults. Program is outdoors.

Homeschool Science-Introduction to Ornithology

(6-12 yrs.) Explore how bird adaptations allow birds to live in their chosen ecosystem. Study the parks collection of preserved specimens. Followed by outdoor observations and exploration using field tools to learn identification and classification.

Monarchs in the Spring

(5-Adult) Monarchs are ambassadors for insect pollinators. The monarchs we see in the fall have unusual adaptations. Learn about the monarch migration, the monarch life cycle and how you can make a natural difference for monarchs and other native butterflies. Plant common milkweed to take home.

Wading Birds Sketch Hike

(12-Adult) Herons, egrets, sandpipers, and shorebirds all call Huntley home for part of the day or year. Join artist and naturalist Margaret Wohler for basic drawing instruction before hiking to the wetland to draw. Come learn about these wading birds' many adaptations for a life of wetland wandering. All art materials included.

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