Animal Adaptations

(4-Adults) Many animals have unusual physical and behavioral adaptations that enable them to get a meal or to keep from being a meal. Compare and contrast the adaptations of deer, owls, squirrels and turtles in this variation on a popular school field trip. Registration required for children and adults. Program is outdoors.

Animal Crackers and Me

(3-8 yrs.) What if your animal cracker cookies came alive? What if you could become a squirrel or a bird, which would you choose? Learn about animal adaptations while you munch on cookies and lemonade. Enjoy a story, craft and trail activity along a short hike.

Homeschool Science-Environmental Engineers 6-12

(6-12 yrs.) Did you know that beavers are a keystone species and they created the wetland habitat at Huntley? Learn about what a keystone species is, the beavers life cycle, adaptations and impact on the environment. We use outdoor exploration, observation and lab skills to explore this topic.

Homeschool Science-Introduction to Ornithology

(6-12 yrs.) Explore how bird adaptations allow birds to live in their chosen ecosystem. Study the parks collection of preserved specimens. Followed by outdoor observations and exploration using field tools to learn identification and classification.

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