Adaptations and Ecosystem Relationships

(Grade 3) Parks provide an experience not easily duplicated in the classroom. Our new “Field Trips for All” programs offer parents a unique opportunity to supplement their child’s science learning with real outdoor experiences and application of the concepts required in the Virginia standards of learning. Experiences vary by park resources. This program is geared by grade level to provide enrichment to all learners including homeschool. Registration is limited to allow for social distancing. Groups of more than 8 should consider booking a field trip directly with a park by visiting the park’s web site. All attendees, parents and students, must register to control group size.

Homeschool Science-Introduction to Ornithology

(6-12 yrs.) Explore how bird adaptations allow birds to live in their chosen ecosystem. Study the parks collection of preserved specimens. Followed by outdoor observations and exploration using field tools to learn identification and classification.

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