Garden Talk - Create Stunning Beauty for Fall

(Adults) Bring the magic of fall to your landscape! Extension Master Gardeners show you a variety of perennials, shrubs and trees in rich gold, burnt orange, brilliant burgundy and vibrant red to add glorious fall colors to your existing plantings with remarkable results.

Garden Talk - Native Trees of Green Spring

(Adults) Are you spellbound by the lovely trees you see? Learn about the native trees of Green Spring Gardens that can also bring beauty to your garden. Extension Master Gardeners will help you identify native trees and provide tips for growing and taking care of them.

Garden Talk - Rethink Your Lawn, Grow Less

(Adults) With drought conditions and increasing water and lawn costs (for chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides), rethink your grass! Extension Master Gardeners show you how to shrink your lawn and design garden spaces with textured and lush plants for multi-seasonal interest.

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