Garden Talk: Cacti and Succulents

(Adults) Do you want to branch out and try something different? Extension Master Gardeners will show you the wonderful world of cacti and succulents, which draw the eye with their wide range of color, texture and form. Not only are they beautiful, but cacti and succulents are also easy to grow.

Garden Talk: Design for Fall Beauty & Winter

(Adults) Fall offers its own special charm in the garden. Extension Master Gardeners show you how to create a warm and inviting entry with colorful berries, dazzling leaves, beautifully structured branches, stunning grasses, standout seed heads—even blooming flowers. Find a new favorite to add beauty and vibrance to your fall and winter landscape.

Garden Talk: Landscaping with Shrubs

(Adults) Is it time to replace those overgrown and tired-looking shrubs? Fall is the best time to plant new ones. Extension Master Gardeners introduce you to easy-care shrubs that add shape and structure, fragrance, berries, and seasonal color to your landscape.

Garden Talk: Rocks Rock!

(Adults) Rock gardens add a special look and feel to any landscape. Extension Master Garenders show you how to design and plant a beautiful display resembling an alpine meadow or a mountain garden with fabulous small and dwarf perennials and evergreens. Not only do these plants boast great longevity, but they require little maintenance.

Garden Talk: Tips on Growing Beautiful Bulbs

(Adult) Colorful bulbs can turn an ordinary garden into extraordinary. Planted in mass displays, small groupings or containers, they are a welcome sight in any garden. Now is the time to plant bulbs for bright, beautiful color next spring. Learn about a variety of beautiful bulbs from Extension Master Gardeners and how to plant and care for them.

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