Garden Talk - Gardening for Bees

(Adults) Bees are under threat from habitat loss, pesticides and climate change. Bees do more than make honey. Honey bees are also responsible for pollinating about one-third of our daily diet. Extension Master Gardener docents show you how to attract and nurture bees by growing a variety of plants that support them.

Garden Talk - Landscaping with Native Plants

(Adults) Learn how to incorporate native plants into your garden for maximum ecological impact and beauty. Extension Master Gardener docents teach you how to have a beautiful garden and preserve the environment at the same time.

Garden Talk - Problem Plants & Better Alternatives

(Adults) Fast-growing invasive plants spread like wildfire, covering your garden and anything that does not move! Give invasives an inch and they’ll take over your yard. Learn about Fairfax County's new mandate against bamboo aggression and hear from Extension Master Gardener docents about the best native alternatives for your garden.

Garden Talk - Small-Space Veggie Gardening

(Adults) Don’t have a large yard? With a little creativity, even the smallest patio, deck or townhouse yard can be turned into a successful vegetable garden! Let Extension Master Gardener docents show you how to grow vegetables in a small space. Whatever your space constraints, you too can grow delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables!

Garden Talk - Spring Cleaning in the Garden

(Adults) There is plenty of seasonal maintenance to do before summer arrives! Learn from Extension Master Gardener docents what you need to do to ensure that your plants are ready for the summer ahead, what needs pruning, what needs transplanting, and what needs mulch.

Garden Talk - Townhouse Gardening

(Adults) Extension Master Gardener docents share tips for making a big impact in smaller landscapes. This session will be useful not only for townhouse owners but for anyone looking for creative solutions for a small garden space.

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