Garden Talk - Creating a Backyard Bird Sanctuary

(16-Adult) The limited flowers and foliage in winter provide us with a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty of birds. Welcome them to your garden with Extension Master Gardener tips on how to provide the food, water and resources they need to survive.

Garden Talk - Fall Clean Up in the Garden

(16-Adult) This fall head back into the garden for some end-of-season maintenance. Learn from Extension Master Gardeners what you need to do to ensure that your plants are well prepared for the cold weather, what needs pruning, what needs transplanting and what needs mulch. 

Garden Talk - Gardening with Deer

(16-Adult) While fencing and repellents are the tactics most often used, another good way to discourage deer visits is to focus on the selection and care of plants. Extension Master Gardeners share what plants the deer will avoid in your garden.

Garden Talk - Rocks Rock!

(Adults) Rock gardens add a special look and feel to any landscape. Extension Master Gardeners will teach you how to design and plant a beautiful display of fabulous small and dwarf perennials and evergreens. Not only do these plants boast great longevity, but they require little maintenance.

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