Garden Talk - Gardening for Bees

(Adults) Bees are under threat from habitat loss, pesticides and climate change. Bees do more than make honey. Honey bees are also responsible for pollinating about one-third of our daily diet. Extension Master Gardener docents show you how to attract and nurture bees by growing a variety of plants that support them.

Garden Talk - Small-Space Veggie Gardening

(Adults) Don’t have a large yard? With a little creativity, even the smallest patio, deck or townhouse yard can be turned into a successful vegetable garden! Let Extension Master Gardener docents show you how to grow vegetables in a small space. Whatever your space constraints, you too can grow delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables!

Garden Talk - Townhouse Gardening

(Adults) Extension Master Gardener docents share tips for making a big impact in smaller landscapes. This session will be useful not only for townhouse owners but for anyone looking for creative solutions for a small garden space.

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