Monarch & More

(4-Adult) Discover the fascinating life cycle of monarchs and other butterflies. Learn how to identify butterflies and assist with tagging monarchs when available. The nature center raises monarchs annually for tagging and release. If available, at least one monarch will be tagged during the program. Due to the dramatic decline in the monarch butterfly population, wild monarchs may not be available for tagging. Visit a Monarch waystation and native butterfly garden. Learn about the monarch migration, its challenges and how you can make a difference. Children must attend with an adult and all attendees must register.

Monarchs - The Mighty Migrators

(3-Adult) Monarch butterflies are essential pollinators in our ecosystem, and they need our help to survive to adulthood. Learn how to identify monarch butterflies throughout their life stages, the plants they need to survive, and the dangers that threaten their survival.

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