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Better Dens and Habitat

(6-12 yrs.) Using logs, branches, leaves, rocks, and other materials-help our naturalists restore a former heavily impacted natural area through setting up the materials which might provide homes for local critters, in addition, plant seedlings or seeds of wildlife food producing plants/trees in the same locale.

Homeschool Park Explorer

(Age 8-15 yrs.) Students will get hands on experience exploring all over the park. Students will have a day of history, animal care, park art and natural resources. These activities will be paired with hikes and games each day.

Natural Resources, Rocks and Minerals

(Grade 4) Parks provide an experience not easily duplicated in the classroom. Our new “Field Trips for All” programs offer parents a unique opportunity to supplement their child’s science learning with real outdoor experiences and application of the concepts required in the Virginia standards of learning. Experiences vary by park resources. This program is geared by grade level to provide enrichment to all learners including homeschool. Registration is limited to allow for social distancing. Groups of more than 8 should consider booking a field trip directly with a park by visiting the park’s web site. All attendees, parents and students, must register to control group size.

Virtual Enrichment - Native American History

(6-12 yrs.) How did Virginia Indians build a thriving culture in and around Huntley Meadows Park? Learn how the natural resources found here were used to provide food, clothing, shelter and more during this interactive virtual program.

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