Barre Workout (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) This class incorporates ballet exercises, barres and light weights to help you tone and define your muscles. Core, arms, seat and thighs are targeted to give you results that make you look good and feel great. Learn the secrets of dancers for a totally toned body. Barre techniques class highly recommended prior to this program. Socks required. ~

Excavation Investigation (6-10 yrs)

(6-10 yrs.) Discover the secrets of soil, exploring archeology, geology, and the critters that live beneath our feet! Daily nature walks, crafts, and experiments. Bring drink, snack, and lunch daily. Once registered, download camp forms from website.

Outdoor Science Lab at Huntley

(6-Adult) Explore the exciting world of science with fun hands-on experiments, activities, and challenges! Enrich your understanding of various science and engineering topics using scientific investigations, observations, and lab skills with the guidance of a park naturalist. Each outdoor class will focus on a different science theme. Check session notes for details. All supplies included. Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.

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