AI: ChatGPT & Solving Digital Mysteries (9-13yrs)

(9-13 yrs.) Unlock the secrets of Artificial Intelligence (AI) while embarking on thrilling adventures as young detectives with SteamKidz! This camp is a captivating blend of two exciting worlds: ChatGPT/AI exploration and the art of solving mysteries. Perfect for beginners, this course will inspire young minds and foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. No camp July 4-5. Once registered, download camp forms from website.

Barre Workout (13-Adult)

(13-Adult) This class incorporates ballet exercises, barres and light weights to help you tone and define your muscles. Learn the secrets of dancers for a totally toned body. Barre techniques class highly recommended prior to this program. Socks required. ~

Minecraft Designers & Cyber Spies (8-14yrs)

(8-14 yrs.) Learn with Black Rocket how to create a custom map, design structures, build with Redstone and Command blocks, and create custom textures to import at home or share with friends. Imagine you are all that stands between a group of international hackers launching cyber attacks and world peace. Through a series of challenges, students will learn to apply tools used by professional digital forensics teams to crack codes and use encryption. No camp July 4-5. Once registered, download camp forms from website.

Spy Craft

(7-Adult) Explore the lives of the men and women during the Revolutionary War who passed along secrets and information and the technology they used in dangerous times. Try your hand at a little spy craft to take home.

Taking a Look at our Sun - Safe Solar Viewing

(8-Adult) Delve into the wonders of our closest star, learning about its layers, activities like sunspots and flares and their impact on Earth. Discover the secrets of safe solar observation using specialized equipment such as solar filters and viewing glasses, along with easy do-it-yourself methods. Following the course we will be doing a solar viewing. The course is held rain or clear skies in the Roll-Top Observatory at Turner Farm Park.

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