Applause! Wizard of Oz (7-14 yrs.)

(Ages 7-14) A two-week summer theatre camp by Moonlit Wings Productions, where young performers put on a play inspired by L Frank Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz” and explore behind-the-scenes activities. After a twister transports Dorothy to a magical land, she sets out on a journey with three new friends to find a wizard with the power to send her home. Moonlit Wings award-winning programs are jam-packed with opportunities for campers to shine including improvisation games, a talent show, script writing, music and more! Camp ends with a mini performance featuring a new modern script and songs. Bring snack, lunch and drink (Rec Center camps also bring swimsuit/towel for swim break). No camp June 20 and July 4. Once registered, download camp forms from website.

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